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Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses “The War on Terrorism, the Constitution, and Civil Liberties” college speaking tour, featuring Jacob, Bruce Fein and Glenn Greenwald from February 6th-9th; the rising tide of Americans who refuse to trade liberty for “security,” 9/11 justification be damned; reasserting the legal and constitutional limitations on government power; and the slippery slope of War on Terror abuses, such that the indefinite detention and torture of American citizens is the new normal.

MP3 here. (20:13)

Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is a regular writer for The Future of Freedom Foundation’s publication, Freedom Daily, and is a co-editor or contributor to the eight books that have been published by the Foundation.

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    (1) As unregulated democracy will always be a dictatorship ruled by the 51% most educated and wealthy: Therefore, the 25% most wealthy shall NOT be allowed to vote or have any involvement in politics. For this will give the impoverished lower half of society 50% of the vote, half the control, and prevent the 51% most wealthy from having a monopoly on government. Also it would stop the rich ruling class from hoarding 80% of the wealth.

    (2) As brains like sex appeal pass from father to son, as we are all given a different level of intelligence so that a giving action may produce a grateful response, what love is all about, any job opening must be given to the first one who applies with the minimal intelligence to do the work. And in all things, no one shall be discriminated against because they are a slow and careful thinker with only the ability to do laboring-class work.

    (3) Legalized killers shall not be allowed to strap a killing machine to their body, as it gives them a most arrogant god-ego, and caused this little five year old girl to shake and cry in a grocery store when such an inhuman animal walked by.

    1. Yes and god knows your ability to have an abortion pales in comparison to the issue of never ending wars, the loss of habeus corpus, the out of control military-industrial complex, the gitmo black hole, and our openly facist government. But by all means, refuse to support the one candidate running who would actually do something about those things.

      Never mind that even though Paul is against abortion, he, as president, would not be able to do a damned thing to stop it without the Congress doing something and there just isn't much chance of that. Just keep beating that straw man to death so you have a good excuse for not supporting the only anti-war candidate. RomBama will win this year and you will be able to rest easy at night knowing that even though our country is headed towards a dystopian, facist, hell-hole, YOU can still abort your baby. WOOHOOO FREEDOM!!!

    2. Gonodal politics are MUCH more important than WWIII aren't they? (Innocent blink).

      I used to be a leftist but the rise of cultural politics focused on personal travails over economic and anti imperial analysis has left me cold. No I don't care about the politics of ball sacks, ovaries, and their various combinations straight, gay and impregnated, which is a personal matter that doesn't rise to the level of political conversation. Gonadal politics is gossip masquerading as policy discussion. Every time some schmuck argues over abortion, gun control, or prayer in schools a banker or MIC crook smiles.

  2. Bruce Fein is an Armenian Genocide Denying bigot.
    You guys listing him side-by-side with Greenwald and Hornberger is very strange.

    Would you have asked Ernst Zundel to present a talk side-by-side with Jacob and Glenn ?

  3. Romney/Ron Paul r israelee ROBOTZmen just like OBama iROcketz ready.

    Khalifah Aaed is ready to wipe 'israel'-amer&can from the Cloud-UE NOW

  4. W1nst0n you contradict yourself!
    In one instance Paul would change a lot, in the other he can’t anything with out congress. What’s it gone be?? Yes he is by far the best candy-date but says more about the other azz-olz.

  5. 1 more thing W1nst0n, if Paul believes in personal-liberties he would accept the wishes of those who like the liberty of abortion.

  6. 2 more thing winston, the argument that the unborn child needs representation is somewhat bogus. because in actuality that is one of the mothers cells, and no one with certainty can say when a foetus is a ‘entity’. if you are anarcho-capitalist you undrestand this:
    as long as umbilical cord is attached to mother it is her “PROPERTY”

  7. ArdoghanBander $Masrah isralee optionz Syria++:

    1-close Youtube and invite Madona for Jedda LIVETahrir square

    2-close RT and incite Salafi labayk iZayedSabahAbodz checkAd'z

    3-close DamascusMasajid and invite them to KarblaaMutaa for Tadhleel

    4-close Jumma Kingspeaches and open Aramcorp Sheiksbeer coloniez parties

    5-close all embassies and get yr wellfare from UN Green$Zonez

    6-close all Universities and get yr Elm from Tantawi chicken farmincc

    7-close all Amn and get yr Kalaseen from MaradonaXdahlanX ZoO

    8-close all Azaa and get yr ABOD FaceTaminle$$ for Free iphonez

  8. ye right, and mubarak will soon commit suicide & join the living dead! heard anything from gaddafi’s son lately? has his fingernails grown back yet from nato hospitality?
    oh, is it true what they say about little hariri, that he helped pave his fathers road to paradise? guess ardogan will soon go back to selling oranges again then, eh??

  9. even though I can see your view point, I do not completely agree.
    here is my reasoning:
    1. the importance of issues are out most subjective
    2. regardless of the issue, it is important to help each other learn how to have a consistent and free of fallacies reasoning ability
    don’t you agree mrraven?

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