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Emma Cape, Campaign Organizer for the Bradley Manning Support Network, discusses whistleblower Manning’s arraignment (open to the public) on February 23rd at Fort Meade, Maryland, beginning his court-martial; the evidence and witnesses withheld from Bradley’s defense team; the 2008 Obama voters who are demanding the president support Manning – or else lose their votes in 2012; and the “aiding the enemy through indirect means” charge that, combined with other charges, could give Manning a life sentence.

MP3 here. (9:00)

Emma Cape has been advocating for social justice ever since her role in organizing fellow high school activists against the invasion of Iraq 9 years ago. After attending Bowdoin College, she has worked for a number of grassroots political non-profits fighting for human rights and environmental protections. She believes that saving Bradley is as important as anything she’s worked on, because the information attributed to him sheds light on a system of foreign policy that routinely hides abuse from public scrutiny. Freeing Bradley is key to holding our leaders accountable and creating a more just and sustainable future.

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  1. There is no crime in Bradley Manning, he simply informed the American people of what US militarism regime is doing in another country, he simply pointed out that US militarism regime by killing innocent people is a crime against humanity by law, he simply lighten then brutality of the US militarism regime for people to know, see and learn from. This is not a crime, this act is courage, this act is honesty in what he believes as the human dignity. In the other hand the Iraq war itself and by legal standard was illegal, it was a lie from the beginning to the end, many people and companies (Halliburton and others) benefited from this illegal war so why the government or for that matter is not after these elements that have lied and lied more to cover their lies yet they keeping this solders as if he was the one who orchestrated the war, benefited from it and now have to pay the price. If nothing the entire matter shows the fact that there is something wrong with US justice system or its non functioning democracy.

  2. Thank you, Mojo. Exactly right. There is something wrong with the US. Period. It is not just the US justice system. The vast bulk of the Congress, of the media, and of the US population are completely comfortable with the persecution of Bradley Manning. And our NATO allies, too, seem completely comfortable with the persecution in a kangaroo court of a person who exposed war crimes. Canada, UK, France and other self-proclaimed defenders of human rights, have decided that Bradley Manning is not a human with rights, or have decided that USA ipso facto cannot be a violator of human rights.

  3. I was expecting this article to be about Emma Cape and how interested persons could help in the defense of Bradley Manning.
    This is very similar to an announcement from congress.

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