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Robert Naiman, Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy, discusses his article “Does AIPAC Want War? Lieberman ‘Capability’ Red Line May Tip AIPAC’s Hand;” how Joe Lieberman’s senate bill lowers the threshold for military action by adopting Israeli policy on Iran’s nuclear breakout capability; the dangerous ambiguity of the terms “vital national interest” and “nuclear weapons capability;” and how US diplomats have abandoned compromise in favor of “do what we say or else” bullying.

MP3 here. (19:18)

Robert Naiman is Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy. Mr. Naiman edits the Just Foreign Policy daily news summary and writes on U.S. foreign policy at Huffington Post. He is president of the board of Truthout. Naiman has worked as a policy analyst and researcher at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. He has masters degrees in economics and mathematics from the University of Illinois and has studied and worked in the Middle East.

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  1. Senator Joe LIEberman (Zionist-Israel)–er, uh, Connecticut–is an Israel-First swine. He ought to be shipped the hell over to Tel Aviv–and told to stay there. He doesn't give a damn for the military or diplomatic interests of the United States.

    Then again, neither does the U.S. Government. It's subservient to Israel.

  2. Remember Lieberman would not hold office but he was picked by the other party as someone who could defeat one guy who would have been elected if the republican did not decide better a traitor than reformer. Lieberman is clearly off the reservation in his support for a foreign nation. I think so many people like Lieberman now believe the USA exist for the money it provide to Israel. Our official position is if Israel attack Iran we will attack Iran if it fights back. That is pretty close to Canada sinking our ships for attack japanese ships during WWII. Israel can do all the bad things that they do on a daily bases because of people like Lieberman.

  3. Joe Lieberman was elected by the voting majority in his district, the 51% most educated and wealthy in his Connecticut district. So, as half of the wealth owned by that voting majority is plunder gained by brutal imperialism, does this mean that greed not ignorance is what got Lieberman elected?

  4. Israel a smokescreen — A thing that blind’s the mind by burning the emotions

    Dinky little impoverished Israel, over 20% kids go to bed hungry in Israel, if Empire USA should by invasion steal the world’s second largest oil reserves from the people of Iran, then of course all the blame will fall on Israel.

    So, what if there was no Israel and no AIPAC lobby funding most of the politicians in Congress, who would we blame then? Would it not be our war materials industry and our oil industry?

    Therefore, little Israel is just a smokescreen, all the campaign donation AIPAC hands out came from our corporate rich and our voting majority is the most greedy 51% most wealthy the world has ever known.

  5. Goal being to end wars of imperialism — What should first priority be?

    Our highest desire is to enlighten the voting majority to a fact that we see as most self-evident, that the temporary wealth and pleasure achieved by wars of plunder and brutal imperialism, that this is destroying any hope for permanent wealth and happiness. So, how can we possible accomplish such an awesome thing by exhausting our emotional capital on the bloody effects of wars?

    For if one knows the root cause of a war, even it they know none of the blood and guts effects of the war, the solution becomes self-evident. So, let us debate the root cause of wars, using only physical facts pertaining to wars and for starters comes now —

      Our rich ruling class, namely High Society, they are trying to fool us into thinking that evil foreign leaders, not the all American greedy, that this is the root cause of all our wars. Drone warfare for example, mainstream media brainwash for example, it has but one purpose, to fool us into thinking that evil leaders are the root cause of our wars and just as soon as all the Gaddafi type leaders and Taliban type leaders are dead and gone, all our wars will be long gone.

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