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Carol Moore, author of The Davidian Massacre, discusses the 19th anniversary of the initial BATF assault against the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas; the BATF’s eagerness to put on a “big show” to demonstrate their militarized weaponry and justify their budget; the 9-1-1 call demonstrating some Davidians were on a first-name basis with the local sheriff – and by extension that negotiations were certainly possible; and how the trial of eleven survivors became a miscarriage of justice.

MP3 here. (19:04)

Carol Moore is a libertarian activist, writer, songwriter and video producer. Brought up in New Jersey, educated in Ohio, Massachusetts and Michigan, she has lived in New York City, Los Angeles and for 20 years now in Washington, D.C. She has been active over the years in the radical feminist, anti-nuclear, peace, libertarian, Green/bioregional, radical decentralist, drug legalization and new age consciousness movements.

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  1. Waco shootout government fiction
    No Davidian shot, killed or burned

    Above is the heading of a $864 box ad that I placed in the Dallas Morning News. My news article, just my eye-witness knowledge of facts, after living two months with the T-shirt venders on Mt. Carmel grounds and published three months after the alleged shootout. Comes now truth, self-evident facts and common horse sense:

    (1) For a month and a half and until Mt. Carmel was burnt flat to the ground, absolutely no one but 11 FBI and ATF agents got within three miles of Mt. Carmel.

    (2) Only two township officials were allowed to see the alleged dead bodies after everything in Mt. Carmel had been turned to ashes.

    (3) If these 13 government agents were told by their superiors to lie about everything that happened during the alleged shootout, for an absolute they would surely lie.

    (4) There are zero actual and physical facts to prove that anyone was inside Mt. Carmel when it burnt to the ground.

  2. (5) Empire USA rules America only because it keeps the people apprehensive, anxiety driven and in fearful submission to authority. So, if the Mt. Carmel fire was done for this purpose, then no need was there to use living people as victims.

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