Lt. General Robert G. Gard, Jr.


Lt. General Robert G. Gard, Jr., Chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, discusses his endorsement of a full page ad in the Washington Post titled “Mr. President: Say No to War of Choice with Iran;” why the US should use sanctions to pressure Iran to adopt the Additional Protocol, allowing the IAEA to conduct more intrusive inspections; how the Obama administration earned the goodwill of Russia, China and Europe by reaching out to Iran diplomatically; and why war isn’t necessary even if Iran builds a nuclear weapon.

MP3 here. (21:08)

Lt. General Robert G. Gard, Jr. is Chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation where his policy work focuses on nuclear nonproliferation, missile defense, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, military policy, nuclear terrorism, and other national security issues.

33 thoughts on “Lt. General Robert G. Gard, Jr.”

  1. No mention of Israel's nukes? Did I miss that? You cannot have nonproliferation in that region while overlooking Israel's nuclear bombs.

    1. People love darkness — Because their deeds are selfish

      How can so many people believe that has nukes when there is absolutely no facts to prove it, just corporate funded media creating the illusion of it?

  2. He didn't really just pull the glass-half-full spin on the old make-you-prove-a-negative schtick!? That's exactly the mania I endured in my lifelong efforts to prove that the Moon isn't made of Green Cheese. Looks easy doesn't it? About the size of a quarter, right? Lemme tell ya, it's got all kinds of places for Green Cheese to hide, and you'll never be 'done.'

    12:09 our whole objective in the sanctions is not to punish them just for the sake of punishment, it's to bring them to the table … Given the circumstances, I say that's a burden of proof properly assigned to Gard. How do we know we wouldn't find punishing intentions in his closet? Hidden under his toilet? You know, if he gets to have punishing intent, then Saudi Arabia will want some too. Then Pakistan. Then Israel. Then the other domino… All because we can't find Israel's Green Cheese.

  3. WAT, Esott, did you call him Sir?
    This is the best US military produce? Hey Lt. General WAKE UP YOU STUPID ARROGANT!
    Please, here you have this shovel, digg your own grave and attack Iran! Go ahead, I dare you!
    Dog and pony show continues and this dickhead thinks he knows whats going on.

  4. I’m sorry Lt., it was not nice of me to call you deickhead.
    It’s just that you are so STUPID and repeating the oBombya shyt.

  5. Recently it was revealed that Israel tried to sell a warhead (that they don´t have !) to Apartheid-S.A. !
    If Israel attacks Iran, the rest of the World must insist in a Nürnberg-trial against the Israeli government.

    1. Israel didn't just offer, they actually supplied nuclear material to apartheid SA in return for other nuclear material.

  6. Even if Iran was totally disarmed, the US will still deploy the missiles in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, fully operational by 2020-Der Spiegel 49/2011. This leads to Launch On Warning and Nuclear War by mistake. For that reason Brigadier Harbottle stated famously: They are bloody fools in the Pentagon, they are all bloody fools ! But Bob Aldridge and wrote The Counterforce Syndrome, First Strike! The Pentagon´s Strategy For Nuclear War, Nuclear Empire (ch. 9 on anti-submarine warfare) and recently America in Peril. Please study Der Spiegel 49/2011. It says it all. Do they really think they can get away with 1 % casualties and to hell with Europe ?

  7. What was the nuke weapon program that Iran concealed for 18 years, and what was the identity of the Iraqi group that exposed it?

    1. (1) Only prolific liars gain high rank in the military.

      (2) Iran has always disclosed a great deal more to the IAEA then required.

      (3) Scandinavian countries have spent many millions more on nuclear weapons research and development then Iran.

    2. I don't know, but I wonder if it coincides with the 'more than two decades' below. If there was some long period of 'concealment' of a nuclear energy program, I'd ask what it had to do with Israel's bombing Osirac –also accompanied by 'urgence' rhetoric. Shimon Stein, a former Israeli ambassador to Germany and former head of arms control at the Foreign Ministry, said that Israel slowly developed its outreach and media efforts on Iran over more than two decades.

  8. In a nut shell — “in our interest

    Lt. General Gard
    “If Iran were to build nuclear weapon, that could start a cascade beginning with Saudi Arabia and other countries, and your likely to find the very proliferation that were trying to prevent. And if we could stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon that would be very much in our interest.”

    As the richest nations all have nukes, with the richest nations having the most nukes, there is only two ways to prevent a nuclear war —

    (1) No nations to have nukes.
    (2) All nations to have nukes.

    For stupidity is in direct proportion to one’s pride, which is in direct proportion to one’s power and wealth.

  9. eCAHNomics
    “What was the nuke weapon program that Iran concealed for 18 years, and what was the identity of the Iraqi group that exposed it?”

    (1) Only prolific liars gain high rank in the military.

    (2) Iran has always disclosed a great deal more to the IAEA then required.

    (3) Scandinavian countries have spent many millions more on nuclear weapons research and development then Iran.

  10. Scott fails to point out that IAEA has no business, right, or job to inspect ANYTHING that is not a declared nuclear facility. They do not have the mandate or authority to inspect military secrets or facilities, that would constitute spying.

    The only job of IAEA is to verify the non diversion of nuclear material to military or other special purposes, something that they have done over and over again.

  11. Beggin' the General's pardon, but I heartily disagree with him about sanctions against Iran: There shouldn't be any.

    That said, I'm with him all the way in his opposition to war with Iran.

    “Any US attack on Iran will be so devastating
    that it will take Iran a decade or more to recover”

    Quite the reverse, for Empire USA is on the verge of bankruptcy, all those US bases that surround Iran are sitting ducks to be destroyed on the first day of war, and Israel is a gutless-wonder that turned tail in Lebanon when Hezbollah turned on the heat. Surely, Israel USA will get slaughtered as they are fighting only for wealth and glory, whereas Iran suffered many long years of brutal US Imperialism under the Shah, and has the gut drive to do and die.

    Empire USA the most corrupt nation on earth, against Iran the most moral, surely the devil is being given enough rote to hang himself on this one.

  13. When siblings fight on about a toy and whom gets to play with it, the best solution for the parents is to remove the toy altogether so none can play with it, and in that there is a life lesson (or give them 1 each in which case the siblings normaly loss interest in that toy).
    So to solve the problem of ‘Israel’, Russia or China (US is not parental material, US is more school bully material) should drop some nuclear bomb on jerusalem/quds after removing all the people. BAM, game over, no one could play with that toy for 1000s of years and problem solved.
    All those a-brahmanic religions interested in that so called city can then move to it and get closer to their god/s.

    “I ‘m not evil and I want no war, only peace.
    And according to the polls 75% of us
    Americans agree with me.”

    Actually 100% of Americans want no war, if by their brutal imperialism they may continue to plunder weaker nations without getting killed in the process. What our Drone warfare is all about.

    Problem is, Jeremy is part of the American voting majority, the 51% most educated and wealthy, and in their greed have established a monopoly on the voting process. So, the 25% most wealthy have their Republican Party, the 25% educated middle-class have their Democrat Party and the two parties actually being one party, they just never get around to making minimum wage for the lower half of society a living wage.

    And so, just ask Jeremy the greedy, exactly why it is that no one in the lower half of society has the $35 needed to get a sick kid into the doctor’s office? And when he blames it all on poor education, then ask him why 25% of American kids must suffer malnutrition just because their parents lack an education?

  15. Take all you can take — Or your evil

    “So to solve the problem of ‘Israel’… drop some nuclear
    bomb on Jerusalem /Quds… All those a-brahmanic religions.”

    We live in a world where 80% of people worship a religion called atheism, a be all you can be and take all you can take — have blind-faith in their being no nature’s God religion.

    Comes now the above atheist to preach his doctrine, that there be no religion but his religion, that there be no one striving to give all they can give as it makes counter productive his religion.

  16. So where were these high and mighty muckety mucks when they were kowtowing and following "orders" like dutiful sturmtruppen? Hmmmm? Looking forward to the day they'd retire and double or triple dip I gather and then play the peace card a day late and trillions short? How convenient.

  17. @Ellis the light that casts no shadow (satire)
    1. you should try not to let you psychosis leak in to your jud(en)gment.
    2. I’m not an atheist on the counterary, but my theo/thea is not fashioned on some crappy books most of which their followers can not read or understand.
    3. I know a lot of atheist whom are much more ‘godly’ and in tune with even your god than the 99% of ‘god fearing’ poeple. What kind of a god need them to fear her/him???
    4. Go read some comparative theology and their origins, then and only then open your mouth about these matters. You could star with Alan Watts who was a theologian with deep knowledge about most common religions on earth.
    Now back to the problem at hand, USrael, If the problem realy is that piece of shyt of a land and after so many centuries the still kill each other over it, make inhabitable and problem is solved.
    But WE know that is not about the land. Now I hope even folks with few antennas in the air understand!

  18. Here is something for you so called ‘christian’ people to consider:
    The oldest (in the world) christian-church is Iran, the second oldest in Syria.
    josua, ezekiel and daniel are burried in Iran and not because the were killed there but because they lived there, now go figure!!
    History is not like what you have be told!!

  19. Yes and Israel sold american plan parts to Iran during Iran Irak war.
    They sell thier mothers if the price is right. So what!
    The word is mafia! Famillies do sometimes fight but they never the less are family.
    Question is are you going to die for the bosses?

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