Daniel Larison


Daniel Larison, writer for The American Conservative Magazine, discusses the TAC-type of conservatives who oppose interventionist foreign policy and wars of aggression; how the never ending War on Terror increases the size and scope of government; the secret panel of government insiders passing for “due process” in the Obama administration; why the “Libyan model” of easy, from the air, regime change won’t work in Syria; and why, John McCain’s bluster aside, most Republicans really don’t want war in Syria.

MP3 here. (27:40)

Daniel Larison writes the blog “Eunomia” at The American Conservative.

5 thoughts on “Daniel Larison”

  1. Obama has bigger problems than Syria. Before election day the US national debt is going to hit 16 trillion dollars and he is going to have a difficult time explaning that. Because that contradicts his talk of an improving economy.

  2. There wasn't a threat of ground invasion in the Kosovo War. Not the kind the Serbs ever took seriously.

    The difference was the US had more limited goals than regime change — there was no demand upon the regime in Belgrade to dismantle itself.

  3. Lets just ommit the part russia, china and iran played, no fuss it’s all right its all about US, center of the universe

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