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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the very low militant-killing success rate of drone strikes in the Afghanistan/Pakistan tribal border region; the US’s agreement to hand over Afghan prisoners in 2014 and refusal to end night raids; the Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party’s attempt to oust their military-imposed government; and the Western NGO workers freed from Egyptian custody.

MP3 here. (20:10)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

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  1. So, American Marines end up humiliating and murdering family members of their allies (Afghan police, military, etc)? Is it any wonder why insiders would seek revenge? This war gets stupider every day.

  2. “The Kandahar Governor held talks with villagers,
    trying to explain the suspected US soldier was insane.“

    Today one Afghan solder killed and two wounded as the Kandahar Governor proceeded to hand out the $2,000 normal payment for each of the 16 civilians killed last Sunday by a Special Forces one-man kill squad in a one-man night raid. All evidence and several witnesses indicate that it was a full size kill squad, but NATO says no.

    Bottom line, without foreign troops the Afghan rich nobility could not stay in power. In a nut shell, a 5% rich ruling class striving to enslave a 90% laboring class.


    When hearing about the latest massacre of civilians by asylum state government military personnel, I almost lost my lunch. It seems that most of the braindead masses in amerika today, including its hired killers in the military and mercenary outfits like Blackwater think history began September 11, 2001. This atrocity is just one of many reasons why peoples around the world hate the asylum states of amerika and its bloodthirsty, depraved, dumbed down citizenry………………….

  4. Hey REED, liked your comment! Why do you think is the reson or need for such murderers as blackwater?
    Not that its unique to asylum states of amerika, french had foreign legion, the dutch have done their bit of genocide, english and spaniards belgians…
    What makes these people to join such organisations in the first place and then commit such atrocities!
    Ditz I like you (not that matter much) but you don’t speak serbian, arabic, afghani, farsi.. how can you be such an expert? I mean Umma from quwait needs you to speak all those to be credible. Anyways read some alternative history on what happend in ‘Yugoslavia’. There were deals made just like after wwII parties sat toghether and made concessions. Ordinary people of course would not have agreed, so the ‘war’.

  5. Now to something completly different:
    Ethics regarding abortion after birth. Now this is the other pole of those totaly againt abortion. Monkeys at both end if you aks me!
    Why not let markeds do the job, I hear rich folks and some congressmen like them very young. May be there is a business here. The proceeds could be managed by some charity organisation like APE-ack or Von Weasels Institute, win win. right Rockwell?
    Really, palestinian body parts already make it to NewYork wealthy bodies. win win again! Luuuuuuv marked-economy, don’t you?
    And yet all is bless

  6. Oh one more thing before I go cook my bed bugs for dinner,
    Also folks over 55-60 should be euthanized too, I mean think how congress could be without those dum old fox(not the animal)!
    Still all is bless

  7. Hi Zooey, can you interview the other Zooey Greif?
    Good grift, just jokein! You are doin great a job. Just don’t suck up to those old fart generals and colonnels please!

  8. AntiWar Radio, great show!

    I was wondering does anyone knows if these night raids by NATO forces are always secretely carrying in Afghanistan only carried out by U.S. forces? Or does other NATO countries partake in them? … Specifically Canada!


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