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Jasmin Ramsey, an Iranian-born journalist and editor of Lobe Log, discusses her article “10 Myths About Iran — And Why They’re Dead Wrong;” making it clear that Iran is a nation of 70 million individuals, not some great amorphous threat signified by lines drawn on a map; US hypocrisy on international monitoring – demanding that Iran comply with intrusive IAEA inspections while refusing the UN torture chief’s request to interview Bradley Manning privately; why Iran is not a military threat to Israel or the US, so long as its leaders are “rational actors;” the PR machine selling the MEK as a legitimate opposition group, even though it still has no support in Iran; and why Iranians, though displeased with their government, prefer reform to another revolution.

MP3 here. (22:31)

Jasmin Ramsey, an Iranian-born journalist, is the editor of Lobe Log, a US foreign policy blog. You can find her on Twitter @JasminRamsey.

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  1. My thought is, the dear lady misses the real issue by a million miles, why is a most moral Iran, the most moral democracy on earth, why is it about to be destroyed by the most corrupt Empire the world has ever known?

    Several times she stated that Iran’s word was not to be trusted, allegations I found to be baseless.

    She stated that Iran was an extremely authoritarian state with sever human rights abuses, yet she said not a word about Empire USA in this regard. Surely this is illusion and a complete reverse of the real world.

  2. Just a note – in Shia and Sunni belief – there is no 'grudge match between' the 12th Imam (or the Mahdi) and Jesus (pbuh) – they are both on the same side and the advent of one is just a precursor to the coming of the other.

    Maybe war-mongering Christians-fanatics would like to couch it in those terms, but neither Shia nor Sunni have any theological reason to be fighting or have a 'grudge' against Jesus (pbuh) – in fact any 'grudge' would be possible grounds to be outside the pale of the religion.

    1. Please do not place warmongers and Christians in the same category. The scriptures make clear–very clear–what Christ will say to those who CALL themselves Christians when they come face-to-face with Him: "Depart from me. I never knew you." Warmongers are not the children of the Prince of Peace.

  3. "Iran is a suicidal regime" meme strikes me as complete projection by the U.S. and Israel, both of which seem powering toward suicide in every possible way.

  4. what a load of crap, talha! tell you what, 1. find out if suunies believe in 12. Imam then we talk, allright?
    2. find out if sunnies believe in someone comming back from somewhere, OK? 3. not all christians believe g-zez comes back! jooz on the other hand still waiting for him to come! Whats you RELIGION talha????
    Ellis you can be an houourary citizen of iran and move there, will you?

  5. Using myths to expose myths

    The dear lady in her misguided effort to use misinformation to enlighten a misinformed public, this brings us to the question, is the voting majority fear-terrorized or guilt-driven?

    Expressed another way, the 51% most wealthy Americans in always voting for war-hawk presidents, are they trying to protect their lives or their excessive wealth?

    1. I think you are assigning to such people some sort of thinking about or reflecting on the idea of war (against Iran or anybody else). They don't think. The only react. The are thoroughly propagandized. They actually believe the stuff they hear on TeeVee and the stuff they read in this or that publication, although only a small percentage of the US population reads anything at all.

    2. (Continued fr. above) Do you think they know about the Algiers Accords or that they know that the Russians have moved several divisions into forward staging areas on the Black Sea or that a Russian Field Marshal has twice–TWICE–said publicly that the Russians are "prepared" to use nuclear weapons if the US attacks Iran or Syria or that the Russians have stationed an aircraft carrier at Aleppo, Syria, or that they have even the vaguest notion of the historical, cultural, or military complexities involved in US foreign policy? The people you ask about don't know ANY of that and they don't care. To them, it's about "good Guys and bad Guys." Their "thinking" is only as deep as a shoot-em-up Western film. It's all very tribal. Besides, when is the last time that 50% or more of those who are eligible to vote actually voted? Americans don't know and they don't care. You have asked the wrong questions. RON PAUL 2012.

  6. Richest nation — Enjoys greatest pleasure

    Jean-Claude Meslin
    “I wonder if the average US citizen understands…
    such a deplorable system in all aspects of life…”

    For whatever the reason, planet earth is an intelligence dictatorship, and as brains like sex appeal pass from father to son, the nations most intelligent build the greatest killing machines and rule the earth.

    So, the average American knows full well that their War on Terrorism is only to protect their excessive wealth and right to plunder, and all their days are absorbed in generating wealth and entertainment, especially body contact sports and war moves the most brutal.

    And the illusion being that the purpose of this world is to prove the good in it, that evolution is a good thing that is turning bad creatures into perfect human creatures, the dominant morality is for everyone to seek all pleasure, avoid all pain and strive to own all the land your brains and sex appeal can muster. As to be a dictator over all who are on your land is the greatest of pleasure.

    Problem is, this day of life is more then anyone deserves, which means that we own nothing and everything we have belongs to starving children.

    So, shed not a tear for the pure and white Americans, for though this life is the only one they will ever be able to destroy and as there is no eternal burning hell, with all the wealth and pleasure they enjoy surely it is better then never having been born.

  7. Warmongers — Those who use force to overcome evil

    “Please do not place warmongers and Christians in the same category…
    Warmongers are not the children of the Prince of Peace.”

    For two hundred the early Christian church was 100% pacifist in obedience to the command, “Do not use force to overcome evil. If they strike you on the right cheek turn to them the other.” Then came the dark ages and from the Christian Crusades until today 99% of Christians are not pacifists. And as most Muslims obey the command of Islam to never use deadly force except in self-defense, if war-hawk Christians would obey this teaching all wars in the Middle-East would come to a screeching halt.

  8. Slaves don’t vote — Get that straight

    “When is the last time that 50% or more of
    those who are eligible to vote actually voted?”

    To be “eligible to vote” your vote must count. But, we are a democracy, which means that the 51% most aggressive and wealthy are always the voting majority, as they always vote to establish a monopoly to enslave the laboring class lower half of society. For my laboring class is the 49% of America with no wealth and no education except some high school, so why should we be so fool as to waste time voting for our next set of dictators?

  9. Enlighten voters or make them feel guilty — What is our burden?

    “Americans don't think, they only react, they are
    thoroughly propagandized… only a small percentage
    of the US population reads anything at all.”

    Empire USA is the most wealthy nation the world has ever known, and as ability to generate wealth is in direct proportion to intelligence, surely our upper half of society is the most intelligent, educated, well read knowledgeable and skillful killers that ever used brutal imperialism to plunder the earth.

  10. Jasmin Ramsey seems knowledgeable and objective, but I just have a comment on the way her article '10 Myths about Iran – And Why They're Dead Wrong ' is written. The title suggests they're listing the myths (and I know it does say that they're explaining the truth), so then they should list the myth, not the fact; it's confusing the way it's structured. For example, #1 is 'Iran does not have a nuclear weapon'; it seems like this is the myth, so one would think – 'Oh, then they DO have a nuclear weapon.' And the same for each of the 10 points… I would think it would be better to put, for example: 'Myth 1: Iran has a nuclear weapon'.

    And Talha already mentioned this, but talk about a myth! Scott mentions the Iranians having a grudge match with Jesus (peace be upon him)… I realize that Scott wasn't supporting this view, but it seems like he did assume that the Iranians would see themselves as on the opposing side to Jesus. Does he realize that Jesus is a much-loved, much-respected prophet in Islam? Who is mentioned often in the Quran, including in an entire chapter named Maryam (Mary) about his mother, his birth, etc.?

    Whether one believes in a certain religion or doesn't, or whether one is supportive of or against religion in general, it is a major factor in the Middle East, and anyone who doesn't understand Islam and its history will never be able to understand or explain what goes on in the Middle East. So often, there are references that a Muslim recognizes as being from the Quran or the sayings of the Prophet, or from events in Islamic history, and they have significance that the average 'expert' has no clue about…

    As for John Ellis, I don't know why you think Iran is such an ideal, moral government. Personally, I don't think it's a threat to anyone, and I think any plans for attacking it are ridiculous – but I also don't think it's the most moral nation ever…

  11. Say, umma, do you speak perisian? You seem, to know a lot about a-jams yet you are an a-rab. Does proximity bring knowledge?

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