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Jason Leopold, lead investigative reporter of Truthout and author of News Junkie, discusses his article “US Subjected Manning to Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading Treatment, UN Torture Chief Concludes;” how Manning’s treatment highlights the State Department’s stunning hypocrisy when they finger-wag at other countries for human rights violations; why most Americans think Manning is a traitor and deserves whatever punishment he got in custody, even though he hasn’t been convicted of anything; and UN torture investigator Juan Méndez’s inability to talk with Manning without a government minder (like in some totalitarian state).

MP3 here. (19:30)

Jason Leopold is lead investigative reporter of Truthout. He is the author of the Los Angeles Times bestseller, News Junkie, a memoir.

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  1. @redchilldistructions
    when you’ve done it enoght times you get enough but how could you know you’ve not done it enough.

    Iran should turn 5+1 group to 4+1 since IAEA is representing US anyways.

  2. Hereby submit Andy WARhole’s indepandent nomination for prezidency of the USA.
    He’s dead, yes! But no matter he’ll do a damn good job, as good any previous prez. It’s in his name for ….’s sake!

  3. Run with Manning — Run for daylight

    We do it in our small way, Manning did it in one horrendous way, the fine art of using the realities of truth to force all the illusions of Empire to give way. Comrades in arms that’s what I always say.

  4. Bradly has been tourtured and even in max prizons don't go thourgh close to what I'm sure he has.There is no innocent untill proven guilty,it's the opposite in almost all countrys.He is not a criminal,how does reporting war crimes make you one?Only twisted people like most government that are hideing crimes think like this.The US constitution like I seen in a comment yesterday is twisted and used against Americans and the world by America.And he is a hero and I can't see why Americans don't treat him as such.

  5. Speaking of the State Department, let us never forget who works there. Do a Google search on "who controls the state department"?. Find article at: thezog(dot)wordpress(dot)com

  6. Block people and when they call to ask why you are ignorant and tell them never to call again.The world need a site like Anti war that has real freedom of speech.But untill guess all of us that have been blocked will just have to read.Many things I commented about came from Anti war,blocked for what they say and you repeat latter.I've seen many comments of people that have had similar things done to them.Grow up.

  7. The thing is I love this site aside from being blocked,then treated as rude as possible when I called.And I'm not the first or the last this will happen to.My comments here from yesterday are gone why.

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