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John Cook, editor at, discusses his article “How the FBI Monitored Crusty Punks, ‘Anarchist Hangouts,’ and an Organic Farmers’ Market Under the Guise of Combating Terrorism;” the Bush administration’s obsession with animal-rights and environmental activists, who were the primary focus of post-9/11 domestic terrorism policy; how the FBI quickly expanded their “Seizing Thunder” operation beyond federal criminal investigations, devoting resources to staking out farmers’ markets and following Subarus; and the Occupy Wall Street FOIA requests that will soon come to light.

MP3 here. (13:55)

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  1. I'm highly insulted.. I won't settle for less than DFH.

    Our winter share farmers' market shows no signs of infiltration. But I will be VERY alert to FBI infiltration when the summer market starts at the beginning of May. I intend to ask the farmers, all of whom I know, whether they are FBI informants, look for big beefy guys with flat feet and buttons in their ears, and pace along the parking spots for Ford midsize sedans (no locals own midsize sedans). I'll spot them before they get me. I intend to throw organic honey at them. Let them bee beeset by mosquitoes. The locale is only 85 miles north of midtown Manhattan so we are clearly a potential danger to national security.

    The local cops are post-teen thugs, but I've not seen them surveil the farmers' market yet. Forewarned is forearmed, though, so thanks for this interview.

  2. Government a zero growth industry — Is that not hypocrisy?

    Our goal being a world free of force, where no one takes all that the law will allow, how can we forbid growth in government while we encourage millionaires to become billionaires and cheer on High Society, to expand our Empire unto eternity?

    For deadly force is only the lubricant that gets things done, but it is wealth that rules the world, wealth that rules your local police department, and if your the richest man in town, the police chief reports directly to you.

  3. This guy is off base arguing that The FBI is "monitoring" black bloc or potential criminal activity. They rather are actively involved in provoking illegal activity and getting the gullible to join them…

  4. You economy destroyers — You

    The biggest money maker in an Empire is its military, for it does things like invade Iraq and Libya and steal all their oil, and give nukes to terrorist Israel so that it can trade war materials for Middle-East oil.

    So, what are you guys trying to do — kill the goose that laid the golden egg?

    “Americans… a Christian nation, they believe that…
    if you have the right faith…”

    Not hardly, for 80% of Americans are atheists who spend zero time in a house of worship. Surely they are driven by greed, not religion, just ingrate creatures who feel most guilty if ever they fail to take all they can take.

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