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Israeli journalist Dimi Reider discusses his article “Israeli-Iranian solidarity exchange sweeps Facebook;” how a simple friendly gesture got Israelis and Iranians talking about peace; bypassing the mainstream media’s filter with Facebook, where real people can express themselves directly; and the Israeli peace movement’s influence (or lack thereof) on Bibi Netanyahu.

MP3 here. (9:30)

Dimi (Dmitry) Reider is an Israeli journalist. His work has appeared in The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, and Index on Censorship.

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  1. Hey you know; the most intelligents use facebook. Dumb monkeys use aholebook.
    Anyways thanks, you just stoped wwwIV, or is it wwwV? And you spook fluent ingelish. USraelies no.1 smart.
    Which USraeli compony made that Samsung ad in which bombing USraelies kill Iranian scientist?
    And one more thing Lippshit, its aHmadinejad not aCHmadinejad. It Hamas not CHamas. Its Hizbollah not CHizbollah. But otherwise you spook fluently!

    Dimi Reider
    “Its very difficult to get accurate poll data from Iran of course…”

    Quite the reverse, for it is the Zionist government in Israel that is very closed, secret and with a keep the people locked in darkness ideology. For Iran is a very moral society, making it a very open and non secretive government and people. Israel has never told its people that it has nukes, so how can there be “poll data” for that?

    Dimi Reider
    “We do know that President Ahmadinejad is extremely unpopular, he was just recently humiliated, once in the elections and he was called before the Parliament and grilled… the election right now is looking very good for Netanyahu, he looks ready to keep his power or to increase it.”

    Pure fiction, for Iran has a government where 18 politicians have more political power then the President and Ahmadinejad should be credited as one of the greatest statesman or our time the way he is able to maintain high popularity among the people and out maneuver his competition. For Israel is ruled by the 51% most wealthy who have a dictator mentality and want war, whereas Iran is ruled by a moral majority who want peace.

    Dimi Reider
    “If there is a perceived failure of either the government or military in Iran then
    after a war the people are critical… since 1973 the people have been very critical…”

    His poor English was hard to translate, but if we understand him correctly, he is mixing together the dictatorship of the Shah and a popular democracy run by the people. Confusion – confusion – confusion.

  5. Hey IP are you talking about, saudi peninsula? And why not, do judge people upon the religion or upon their actions? I know alot of muslims whom the founder of islam would be ashamed to call muslim.

  6. 'War is a call to action whereas peace is a call to inaction…' Interesting comment and it pinpoints the problem of our 'Imagine Peace' approach. Passivity does not lead to anything. If there is ever to be Peace on earth war must be confronted and stopped. War must be criminalized and penalties must be exacted on those who pursue it.

      1. Having already been judged a "War Criminal" by a "Court" somewhere for our invasion of Iraq, Bush II doesn't see it as illogical, and is careful not to travel ourside of the U.S.,

        1. Passivity does not lead to anything.

          Yes, but Bush being declared a war criminal in a foreign country, that is the type of passive law the above poster Lafontaine opposed. For the confrontational law he proposed would be one that defied the will of the voting majority that put a war-hawk President into office and impeach their chosen leader, in a democracy surely it is an impossibility.

          From my perspective, as a pacifist, what we need is an attitude adjustment on the part of the upper half of society, they being the only ones who vote, their desire to plunder the world a temptation they just cannot resist.

  7. $900,000 to survivors — Latest Afghan massacre — Paid in full

    Comes now CBS this morning to tell us that families of the 17 Afghans slaughters by the one lonely Sgt. were given $50k in exchange for each of our victims, for each human that we turned into a buried body.

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