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Lawrence Wittner, Professor of History at the State University of New York/Albany, discusses his article “Try a Little Nuclear Sanity;” the “SANE” legislation introduced by Congressman Edward Markey that would cut the budget and scope of the US nuclear weapons program; how Russia is threatened by “missile defense,” that supposedly exists to protect Europe from Iran but actually gives the US an unanswerable first-strike capability; why the Cold War military budget and mindset persist even though the USSR was dissolved over 20 years ago; and the unspoken Ronald Reagan/liberal agreement on nuclear disarmament.

MP3 here. (20:03)

Lawrence Wittner is Professor of History at the State University of New York/Albany and author of Working for Peace and Justice: Memoirs of an Activist Intellectual.

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  1. Damn soviet is back, Escott, you are a very smart monkey! good’on you mate!
    @Claus, this must be your favorite interview.

  2. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge"Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike." Professor J. Edward Anderson: Deployment of anti-missile missiles in Eastern Europe is part of a first-strike strategy. According to Der Spiegel 49/2011 it will be fully operational by 2020. This leads to Launch On Warning and Accidental Nuclear War.

  3. Voting majority — Actions establish motive

    Scott Horton
    “Is the U.S. not going for a first-strike ability to totally destroy Russia, is this not what the missile shield is all about?”

    Lawrence Wittner
    “Well that may be what the U.S. government is going for, its hard to fathom motive.”

    (1) Until we the people organize against the 51% most wealthy, they will always be the voting majority, will continue to hoard all the wealth and to maximize their nukes, their glory and their power over all the world.

    (2) The 51% most wealthy know that if give up all their nukes, their personal net worth would be cut by at least 50%.

    (3) The 51% most wealthy know that they are the only ones with great jobs, terrific homes and deluxe healthcare. This is motive, the whole motive and nothing but motive.

  4. Hi Fester Partly, I be quiet worry about your throat, maybe I send some spell you can suck on to unclog it.
    Say hello to supO boys, alright? Be hearing you, if some does not break me neck here in the shire.

  5. General Harbottle told me that they are "bloody fools" in the Pentagon because they don´t realize that a disarming first strike capability leads to Launch On Warning and suicide. Some people, like CND Information Officer David Guinness, suggest that it´s "only" for Blackmail. But what´s the point if they are launched due to a mistake in Launch On Warning ? The Pentagon has been working on this for a very long time. That´s the reason Navstar (now called GPS) was developed-to give Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 an accuracy of less than 30 meters, enough to destroy a missile silo. Nobody knows the missiles are being deployed, it´s NOT in the media. Sleepwalking to suicide by 2020 ?

  6. Unfortunately, this is a ship that has already sailed as weopened pandora's box decades ago on this issue. Even if we were to get rid of every nuke on the planet, we still would have the knowledge and capability to create more if required. It certainly would be a step forward to not have thousands of them on hair-trigger alert, but I seriously don't ever see them being outright abolished until AFTER disaster as struck.

    Regarding the posturing towards Russia – as long as Russia remains relatively independent and does not become a vassal of the west (as the elite hoped would happen under Yeltsin), they will be considered a major threat by the west. With Putin returing to the Kremlin, things are probably going to get a lot colder and could possibly turn hot at some point in the years ahead as Russia reasserts itself on the world stage. Indeed, this "missile shield" will only add fuel to the fire.

  7. Egypt — Liberal law makers walk out of Constitutional Convention

    Egypt is a Muslim nation with over 90% of citizens Muslim, only 200 Jews and less then 5% Christian. Comes now 9% of law makers, they being anti-Muslims but call themselves Liberals, and they to force their will upon all of Egypt by demanding more then 9% of the power in forming the new Constitution.

    But surely, if all the nations of the Western world may have a Christian government controlled by a Christian Constitution, what is wrong with Egypt having a Muslim government in harmony with its moral determination?

    In Christian USA for example, we must endure the fiction illusion that,

    “All men are created equal… endowed by their Creator
    with certain unalienable rights… life… pursuit of happiness (wealth).”

    A state religion by and for the rich, all to fool us into thinking that not super intelligent are the rich, which allows society and government to be completely dominated by the filthy rich.

    1. The pursuit of happiness has absolutely nothing to do with material riches. It is a religious and philosophical concept which pertains to moral behaviour. William Blackstone summarizes it as a gift the Creator offered to man: but has graciously reduced the rule of obedience to this one paternal precept, “that man should pursue his own true and substantial happiness.” This is the foundation of what we call ethics, or natural law. Summarizing a bit more, when you act in accordance with Good you feel the true happiness, feeling which is there to indicate you are on the right path.

      The founders of the American Constitution stated as self-evident rights that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Life, liberty and morality – these were the unalienable rights, it is up to American citizens to respect and defend them, but moral behaviour was stated there, in the beginning, nothing to be shamed about, on the contrary.

  8. And to make our Christian State Religion permanent and Irreversible, into the Constitution was added the no-separation of church and state clause, the one-state religion guarantee,

    “Congress shall pass no (new) law
    respecting the establishment of religion.”

    1. For we are not “all created equal” in ability to achieve wealth. But surely unequal and for a good reason, to see if we pass our excessive wealth down to a slum where it belongs.

  9. But it seems to happen now and then Robert Oppenheimer suggested as he stated on July 16th 1945 that this was the first one in "modern time". How many times are we to blow it all up with 1 % surviving in the mountains ? I´ll recommend the coffee-village Risaralda in Caldas, Colombia.

    “A gift the Creator offered to man… that man should pursue his
    own true and substantial happiness… all men are created equal…”

    Nowhere in all of Scripture is there even the suggestion of equality between men, for “to consider others better then ourselves,” this is the hallmark of the gospel.

    “Jesus said… Do not use force… if they strike you on the right cheek… it they drag you into court to steal your coat, give to them your cloak as well… if enslaved to go a mile, go two…” Matthew 5:38

    For there is only one way to have equal rights, and that is to have equal wealth, that is socialism and a satanic thing that Scripture calls mutual gratification.

    For we are all born with a different level of intelligence for a purpose, that true happiness may be experienced by all. For love is a giving action that produces a grateful response, the emotions of compassion and pity motivating charity in a way that motivates a heart warming grateful response.

    “when you act in accordance with Good you feel the true happiness,
    feeling which is there to indicate you are on the right path.”

    Above is a description of temporary pleasure, which has absolutely nothing to do with permanent happiness.

    For temporary pleasure is free of all pain, a pleasing emotion of the body. But permanent happiness most often involves pain, like Bradley Manning who is rotting in jail, being tortured in jail, and because of this he experiences true happiness.

  12. Foot cause of war — Quest for equality

    “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,
    Life, Liberty and Morality.”

    No one shall enrich themselves upon the misery of another.

    To enrich yourself upon the enrichment of another.

    “man should pursue his own true and substantial happiness.”

    Above is a summation of everything the above poster is trying to communicate, that equality is all about oneself, the pursuit getting equal and taking equal for yourself. A self-absorbed and self-centered concept of what life is all about.

    And that is why happiness has nothing to do with equality, is the absolute reverse of equality. For equality is to take all that the law will allow, whereas, happiness is to give all you can give.

    For the root cause of wars, is it not the concept of equality carried to its ultimate conclusion?

  13. “All men are created equal” – The war-hawk creed

    If a man feels he deserves more then life, then he will take all he can take until he has somewhat more then what he feels he deserves. This is called pride

    Whereas, if a man feels that this day of life is more then he deserves, then most guilty does he feel if ever he misses an opportunity to give all he can give. This is called humility.

    So, this Thomas Jefferson enigma called “equality,” is it not an illusion created by the rich nobility to destroy peace in society, to maintain an unending state or war in society, so that the elite can rule over we the people?

    For in the three great religions, we find all of the true Christians, Muslims and Jews striving to achieve humility, to consider others better then yourself. For the idea of “equality” is a pride driven concept that cannot be found in any true morality or saving religion.

  14. Well, you fight with William Blackstone – Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765) – a very influential person in the intellectual context the "founding fathers" were operating. Read him first, if you like, then argue against any fiction you "discover" there.

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