Muhammad Sahimi


Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of chemical engineering and political columnist for PBS’s Tehran Bureau, discusses his article on the IAEA chief, “Yukiya Amano: Minion of the Empire;” the former IAEA officials accusing Amano of a pro-Western bias on Iran; how Amano has fallen into the “Cheney trap” by relying on a small group of advisors and eliminating dissent within the IAEA; and the latest bogus allegations that Iran “refuses to cooperate” with the IAEA’s attempt to inspect the Parchin facility.

MP3 here. (19:01)

Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of chemical engineering & materials science and the National Iranian Oil Company chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California, has published extensively on Iran’s political development and its nuclear program. He is the lead political columnist for the web site PBS/Frontline/Tehran Bureau, blogs at The Huffington Post, and contributes regularly to and National Public Radio on issues related to Iran.

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  1. If our gullible self-absorbed world allows greedy Empire USA to bomb Iran, then in about six seconds kiss goodbye this doomed existence called life.

  2. I have followed Sahimi's writings here and elsewhere for several years now. He is an academic, and thus he always writes objectively and balanced, and always provides lots of references for the reader to read more, just like a scientific paper. He warned us about Amano politicizing the IAEA when no one believed him, but he has now been exonerated. If one reads his analyses of Iran's developments over the past few years, one can see that he made many predictions, such as fissures between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei, long before anyone could see it, and it turned out that he was right.

    1. Nathan
      "the honorable Mr. EL Baradei."

      EL Baradei should have refused to do another inspection of Iran until after both USA and Israel gave full disclosure of all their nuclear weapons and agreed to be inspected along with Iran.

      Destroy all nukes, or divide up equally between all nations the nukes, for unequal A-bombs is terrorism of the highest order.

    2. Amano is a "cheap U.S. patsy." Those WikiLeaks revelations prove it. The U.S. would never back anyone for this job unless he's a tool of the U.S. and Israel.

  3. War hysteria — Reality more phony then fiction

    Surely a cheep murder mystery out of Hollywood, with each scene an anti-climax of the previous, would have more credibility then this our latest war of aggression.

    For a sports mentality has the American public and like a gambling addict, if stealing the world’s second largest oil reserve from Iran and dividing it up among Western nations, if this will reduce the price of gas at the pump, then plunder most brutal and imperialism most grand here we go again.

  4. “Amano has fallen into the ‘Cheney trap’ by relying on a
    small group of advisors and eliminating dissent within the IAEA”

    But surely, during his days of glory Cheney was hand-picked by the corporate rich and each morning given a script to read, today both he and his aggressive and dominant daughter are given a script to read, and in all the world there are no humans so tightly controlled, with actions so predictable, as the paid actor politicians in Empire USA.

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