Ray McGovern


Ray McGovern, member of Veterans For Peace and former senior analyst at the CIA, discusses the prosecution of Poland’s former intelligence chief for helping the CIA set up a black-site torture prison; how Israel and Hillary Clinton sabotaged two Iran uranium swap deals; James Risen’s recent NY Times articles that cast doubt on Iran’s supposed nuclear threat; why Bibi Netanyahu doesn’t want Obama to win a second term; how veiled threats like “all options are on the table” violate international law; and the “high value targets” who were indefinitely detained and tortured, even after it was discovered they had, at most, minor roles in terrorist groups.

MP3 here. (38:18)

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the John F. Kennedy administration to that of George H. W. Bush. His articles appear on Consortium News and Antiwar.com.

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  1. The craziest and most dangerous and also the most foolish people are working in the Pentagon office for First Strike Plans. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge -www.plrc.org-got the 3rd Martin Luther King Jr. Award from FOR-USA for pointing out that the Pentagon aims to achieve a disarming first strike capability. Bob Aldridge wrote on the missiles in Eastern Europe: Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike. The US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously according to Bob Aldridge. The warheads on Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 are designed to minimize nuclear winter effects if used against missile silos. The US Missile Shield in Eastern Europe will be operational by 2020 according to Der Spiegel 49/2011. This leads to Launch On Warning and Accidental Nuclear War.

      1. I asked the same thing several times. It clearly didn't work. Claus is clearly obsessed on the subject. And yes, it's annoying. Very annoying.

  2. Howard, it has everything to do with the topic. The US and NATO claim that the missiles in Eastern Europe are to defend against future Iranian long-range missiles. In Washington Russia´s NATO-Ambassador asked: If people from Mars had disarmed Iran completely, would you still deploy the missiles in Eastern Europe ? And they answered: Yes, that will go ahead as decided. Der Spiegel 49/2011. If the Pentagon were thinking only on MAD, there would be no reason to put the MX warhead on Minuteman-3. To minimize nuclear winter effects to an "acceptable" level. At any rate, this leads to Launch On Warning and possible suicide within a decade. I´m glad you are annoyed, Howard, if it transforms into actions of protest to our suicide course. Bloody fools in the Pentagon ! Has it happened before ? Robert Oppenheimer said so and http://www.mcremo.com indicates the same.

  3. Howard, Steve. What´s the matter with you ? We´re committing suicide because the Pentagon is forcing Launch On Warning on the Russians and Bob Aldridge´s facts don´t matter ??? Why do you think they put the MX warhead on Minuteman-3 ?

  4. I drove by that site in Poland when I was visiting a distant relative (call him cousin for short) in 2000. He said: "The Soviets moved out and the U.S. moved in." It wasn't until your wife Larissa revealed where it was in 2007 that I realized it was the black site.

  5. Professor Paul Rogers told me that the warheads on MX (now on Minuteman-3) and the D5 on Trident-2 are designed to minimize nuclear winter effects if used against missile silos. At any rate, the result will be Launch On Warning at the latest by 2020.

    1. You give me hope Claus Eric Hamle ……. I just do not see th dollar surviving beyond 2014

      Look at all the FEMA camp activity..?? DHS buys BILLIONS of rounds of ammo… It all points to economic meltdown…

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