Jeremiah Goulka


Jeremiah Goulka, former lawyer in the Bush Justice Department and former analyst with the RAND Corporation, discusses his op-ed “MEK and its material supporters in Washington;” a history of the MEK including the group’s founding in 1965, their exile from Iran, and their alliance with Saddam Hussein; Jeremiah’s first-hand account of the MEK’s cult-like practices during his tour of Camp Ashraf in Iraq; US State Department negotiations on the breakup of Camp Ashraf and removing the MEK from the Foreign Terrorist Organization list; and the Treasury Department’s investigation into the source of the MEK’s substantial funding.

MP3 here. (28:14)

Jeremiah Goulka was a lawyer in the Bush Justice Department and an analyst with the RAND Corporation.

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  1. Has MEK committed any acts of terrorism against the U.S. since the time of the shah in Iran? And they weren't put on the list until 1997, though their terrorism against U.S. was before 1979? WTF?

  2. If were going to start calling small brainwashed groups a “cult,” then we for an absolute must call Empire USA a cult. For the dominant paradigm in America is that education makes you a god over those with less education, which gives you the right to eat cheep fruits and vegetables picked by malnourished 5 year old uneducated migrant workers

    Cult brainwash
    Those more educated have an unalienable right to enrich
    themselves upon the misery of anyone less educated.

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