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John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses his article “How to Make Syria Much, Much Worse; John McCain and Joe Lieberman’s meeting with leaders of the anti-Assad resistance; compelling arguments against arming Sunni “freedom fighters,” this time in Syria; why Kofi Annan’s ceasefire plan is still holding; how Libyan regime change destabilized the entire region; Zbigniew Brzezinski’s bellyaching about the end of American hegemony; and President Obama’s dismissal of decriminalization and ending the War on Drugs in Central America.

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  1. How dare these Latin American leaders have the gall to speak against Obama. Don't they know Obama speaks the will of god.

  2. Umar Empire Staff: Khalifah Aaed-MullaUmar FM-Odaa Qadhaa-Bahsaar PM-Nejad DM-Hania IM-Munjed Ma(Shariaa FIRST).

  3. Twice the poverty — Twice the corruption

    Empire USA has the most millenaries of any nation on earth, as it has the good fortune of having the most resources upon which to gratify such a desire. So, why do we have 25% of children suffering poverty and to the point of being malnourished?

    And when Syria has less then half the poverty, less then half of such corruption, would the voting majority with the most wealth and hypocrisy please stand up?

    “Poverty affects 11.4 per cent of all people in Syria.”

    “Poverty in Syria has increased significantly in the past five years… 11.4 percent”

  4. Does John Glaser have any expertise in the Arab world? Has he been there? Does he speak the language? Or is he – as he seems – a guy who reads a bunch of news and opinions, and only from people whom he expects to agree with?

    Just like in Libya, there's no understanding of what life was like for Syrians or what it's like now. Do you guys read anything by people who are there or have been there recently? Do you watch international news broadcasts? Have you heard Paul Conroy interviewed? You really think there was just a little something in Homs (just a few people caught in crossfire, according to the 'great' Pepe).

    Syria is erupting – even in Damascus. Sunni Muslims across the world are supporting them, with or without their governments. That doesn't make the Syrian people their 'sockpuppets'.

    There's the same mockery of people who are being oppressed, tortured, and killed – the same "Well, those losers can't organize themselves into a Jeffersonian democracy, so the hell with them" attitude. Why is everyone else supposed to have (or even want) a Jeffersonian democracy anyway? Is the U.S. anything like a Jeffersonian democracy? He must be turning over in his grave if he knows what his government is like these days.

    As for the much-repeated argument that supporting the Syrian people against Assad means supporting Zawahiri – so should we make our decisions based on that? You know, he thinks smoking cigarettes is forbidden, so anyone who supports anti-smoking campaigns is really just an al-Qaeda, you know.

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