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Mark Sheffield of the Policy on Point blog discusses his article “Ignorance or Arrogance (or Both): The Long War Doctrine and Post-9/11 US Foreign Policy;” a comparison of the limited invasions and proxy wars between Vietnam and 9/11, and the lengthy full-scale occupations since then; looking at 9/11 through the eyes of Americans who don’t know or understand history; how the Bush Administration played right into Osama bin Laden’s hands by invading Afghanistan and Iraq; and the political barriers to bringing the troops home and winding down the US empire of bases.

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Mark Sheffield runs the Policy on Point blog.

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  1. I think the question is did the US "play into Osama bin Laden's hands" or UNOCAL/DELTA's hands?
    The war in Afghanistan was announced to Pakistan's diplomat Niaz Naik during the summer of 2001, months prior to 9/11, our stated justification for attacking the Afghans. Regards playing host to Osama bin Laden, yet another reason for war, the Taliban offered OBL on the proverbial platter to the Bush Administration who rebuffed each and every opportunity. US officials told Niaz Naik during that summer conference in Berlin during 2001 , "we will attack Afghanistan befores the snow flies in October." It has been suggested therefore that regime change was the real motive-force behind the US attack. Also during that summer, a Taliban emmisary named Hashemi visited the US State Department where he was threatened with "you either accept our carpet of gold or we will bury you in a carpet of bombs" a not so subtle reference to the failing TAP pipeline negotiations. At that time,the Taliban were favoring a Brazilian concern for the proposed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan (TAP) pipeline. This did not sit well with the Bush gang.

    1. W0W, What a deal, they got their oil wars and all our rights……… However much it cost to pull off, much much more was made by Bush/Chainey and pals+Halburton………… The reason OBM was not taken by the Bush/Neocon Cabal……. He would need to be tried….. well unless they found another Ruby….. One thing is clear, the true provenance of the greatest crime of the New millennium will remain obscure….. The ruling regime has NO interest to see the dots connected…!!!!!

  2. Secular solution to a criminal government — Moral solution to an immoral society

    From our invasion of North America by a genocide of the indigenous natives, to our invasion of Palestine by an ethnic cleansing of indigenous natives, surely if our morality never changes, then why should our actions?

  3. Scott, you do good work, but don't display your ignorance about why there were jobs available to returning soldiers after WWII. Forced savings and lack of consumer goods during the war launched postwar econ boom. Now's the opposite. Indebtedness retards revival of consumer demand.

  4. If U.S. reduces # of bases, how would all the military brass in charge of those bases secure future promotions?

  5. BP GulfVIP OilGasGold is shipped/posioned to all distinations(Air-Ocean-Land) UNtouched while 60% of earth HU r Naked.

  6. I have bad news for you, George: One terrorist did not take the four commercial aircraft used for the 9-11 attacks; there was more than one person, at least four. No matter how you look at it, it was a conspiracy. Even our government declared it a conspiracy of 19 Arabs, or more. There are no conspiracy nuts, George, everybody, absolutely everybody believes in one conspiracy or another.

    Some people believe the US Government theory, which says that those identified 19 Arabs pulled it all off (seven of whom were found to be alive by BBC shortly after the attacks). The rest of the people believe that only the US Government could pull off such an attack, controlling Air Defence units that were AWOL during the larges attack on US soil, and indeed did so, with the help of others.

    So, the good news is that we all believe in the same thing – a conspiracy theory.

    1. Did you read the article on the link ? It's about unusual trading activity on airline and defence stocks just day's before the 9/11 attacks.

      1. I knew there had to be a reason NORAD was a no show that day…… Thanks alot GWB, I was sure it was because NORAD guise were online selling short….. The real question is WHY the two men, most responsible for the 911 success…Michael Hayden (NSA) and General Ralph Eberhart (NORAD) both got….Not fired…. but Promoted…. How does that werk…???

  7. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge on Regime Change in Iran-on the missiles in Eastern Europe: "Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike." Professor J. Edward Anderson: "The deployment of anti-missile missiles in Eastern Europe is part of a first-strike strategy." Why don´t they realize-like Bob Aldridge-that it leads to Launch On Warning and Accidental Nuclear War ? "Homo sapiens" are extremely bonkers. The Pentagon aims to achieve a disarming first strike capability and nobody but the readers of Bob Aldridge´s books really noticed. According to Der Spiegel 49/2011 by 2020.

  8. Conspiracy theory — Opinion that is anti-US government

    Pity those who except the word of government as fact, as such corruption from the mouth of a US official is required by US law to not violate national security, making it void of any relevant, significant or substantiating fact.

    For it does not even rise to the level of being worthy of a theory, is the word of a government that uses one illusion of good after another, to enrich the corporate rich upon the misery of us all together.

  9. After WWII the US was so industrially advantaged that it had awesome business opportunities all over the world, in most of which governments and societies were too crippled by war and colonialism to be able to manage the impact of US trade within their own politics. The results were rebellious violence in all sorts of places with all sorts of ideological legitimations. We're still at it, looking for local government 'partners' to provide security for our 'interests', and having to fight on their behalf. The fact that peace is more valuable than profit, and that justice is required for decent civilization, is simply lost on our businessmen. So we elect them as Presidents?please no more.

  10. The US has lost its way. With drone assassinations, also of American citizens without trial, Godfather Obama decides. The US is now a banana republic because of Bush and Obama. At any rate, Bush had to cancel speaking in Geneva to avoid being arrested as a war criminal because of torture.

  11. After 9-11 — Deceit jumped a quantum leap into the unknown

    Disaster capitalism in spades, this was the after effect of 9-11 for the corporate rich used it as a smokescreen, something that blinds the mind by burning the emotions, to pass new laws that gave government unlimited powers over the people, the military and the economy.

  12. The Mafia Plan:Hitler recycle all who is not with him in GasFarms but WHAIPACOPEX r dronnincc all who r not with them.

    Arabia clean from 12U$Kingccorpz is a MUST.

  13. Parliament in Egypt — Demands government be sacked

    Press TV just reported that Egyptian parliament called a one week strike to demand that the entire government be sacked.

    Lots of luck and lots of laughs. For a U.S. funded and most deadly military in Egypt has a monopoly on the use of force and violence, and only a real Revolution with streets covered with blood will change anything.

  14. I don´t think the Russians are yet at Launch On Warning. There´s a reason they are the best chess players. They won´t deploy LOW until the Missile Shield is operational. They themselves are well aware of the danger of a mistake.

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