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Author and journalist Jefferson Morley discusses his article “Drones for ‘urban warfare’” at; the International Drone Summit hosted by CODEPINK, Reprieve, and the Center for Constitutional Rights in Washington D.C.; Congress’s fast-track approval of domestic drone aviation; and concerns about privacy and the eventual weaponization of drones.

MP3 here. (10:25)

Jefferson Morley is a Washington-based journalist, author, and blogger with a specialty in American history. He has worked as an editor and reporter at the Washington Post,, New Republic, Nation, Center for Independent Media, Harper’s, and Spin. His next book, Snow-Storm in August: Washington City, Francis Scott Key, and the Forgotten Race Riot of 1835, will be published in July 2012 by Nan Talese/Doubleday. He has taught at Boston University, Georgetown University, and the District of Columbia public schools.

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  1. I see that in your mini-bio of Jefferson Morley, you "neglected" to mention he wrote one of the most important books on the JFK assassination, "Our Man in Mexico" which takes a decidedy jaundiced view of the Warren Commission and provides further support for the conspiracy FACTS.

    Oh, but I forgot Scott, discussion of the JFK case is verboten in your interviews.

    Robert — “I forgot Scott, discussion of the JFK case is verboten in your interviews.

    Problem is, if Robert had any love for the truth he would not be sending readers to For do I not hold the world’s record for being evicted the most times — from theirs the most sterilized and mainstream comment pages in all the Western world?

  3. Deregulation is the name of the game – there isn´t going to be much regulation of drones. This is big business for the establishment. Big business? Did somebody say big business? China is all ears.

    If drones become truly effective, you will see a future China out-droning us by the tens of thousands, selling them to our potential enemies at very low prices, creating an environment where we are out-droned up the ying-yang. We may be the first kids on the block with these things, but that won´t be for very long.

  4. Drone technology — Absolute slavery

    Jefferson Morley — “The use of drone technology by government can be most beneficial.”

    To give government the power to use flying robots to track our every location, to record our every outdoor activity and to kill anyone causing trouble for government, this will turn government into a god and every man into a creature of the state.

    In an old history book there is an article about a government that was building a tower so tall that it could see everyone in the nation, it being in the plain of Shinar. The goal being to make government all-knowing, all-seeing and to put down any rebellion the moment it started to form. It was called the Tower of Bable, but should have been called the Tower of Slavery as it would have destroyed the freewill in all man.

    Cause trouble for any Western multinational corporation.

    No comment or question by mainstream media is allowed, so long as collateral damage is limited to the lower half of society, the impoverished half with no education but some high school.

  6. I hate to be negative but few have even heard of Code Pink or Center for Constitutional rights…Ask your neighbors; you'll get some vacant looks and quick changes of the subject.

    Since Jefferson Morley wrote his article and gave this interview there is a HUGE story that got pretty much over looked (figures) about the Federal Government starting a Drone PATROL over the U.S. / Canadian border from N Dakota through Washington State. I think it is something like over 900 miles of patrol. They are using excuse of drug interdiction and "natural disaster" as their reasons.

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