Scott Horton Interviews Marc Guttman

Scott Horton, May 05, 2012

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Marc Guttman, editor of the book Why Peace, discusses the collection of pro-peace, pro-liberty essays selected for Why Peace; exposing the state aggression of the US and other governments around the world; the roster of contributing writers, including many former soldiers and a full roster of regulars; and how the internet functions as a “2nd Amendment for the 1st Amendment,” helping circumvent mainstream media information-domination.

MP3 here. (18:53)

Marc Guttman is an emergency physician and the editor of two books, Why Peace and Why Liberty.

3 Responses to “Marc Guttman”

  1. Peace = UE NOW

  2. Peace is a state of mental happiness, whereas, wars of aggression are for the aggressor a state of physical and emotional pleasure. Both equally enjoyable and it all depends upon whether you prefer quick pleasure or happiness that lasts a lifetime.

  3. Why does the Pentagon aim to achieve a disarming/unanswerable first strike capability ?

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