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John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses the government’s premature bragging about foiling another underwear bomber terrorist plot – which became embarrassing when news broke about the bomber’s CIA/Saudi connection; Hillary Clinton’s well-founded doubts about arming Syria’s rebellion, whose ranks include al-Qaeda members and suicide bombers; why a “safe zone” in Syria is about as stupid as the “no fly zone” in Libya – and just as sure to start a larger war; the media’s disinterest in Libya since Gaddafi’s death and “mission accomplished,” even though human rights violations abound; the continued crackdown against peaceful protesters in Bahrain, though not even Al Jazeera finds it newsworthy; and how the US’s Middle East policy is geared toward maintaining a regional foothold and containing Iran, not exporting democracy.

MP3 here. (27:27)


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  1. As always John Glaser has an exceptional summation of the latest war news, my how our Empire has gutted out the Arab Spring.

  2. “Government’s premature bragging — Sucker got away

    The most likely explanation for CIA created terrorist plot — They had a sucker brainwashed and ready to put on the underpants, but he got wise just before the plane took off.

  3. Murder — More humane then torture

    Noam Chomsky this week is featured in DemocracyNow and Press TV, as he stated that, “Bush kidnapped and tortured, while Obama murders.”

    Torture causes misery, while murder puts a man out of his misery, and this may be why mainstream Americans find Obama’s actions more acceptable then Bush.

  4. Al Jazeera says — Good is arms to Syria rebels from U.S. and Gulf nations
    “Syrian opposition fighters battling Assad’s government are beginning to receive more, and better, weapons in an effort paid for by Gulf nations and coordinated partly by the US.

    “The article cited opposition activists and US and foreign officials, detailing how the administration has expanded contacts with opposition military forces to provide the Gulf nations with assessments of fighters’ credibility and command-and-control infrastructure, the paper reported.

    “We are increasing our non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition, and we continue to co-ordinate our efforts with friends and allies in the region and beyond in order to have the biggest impact on what we are collectively doing,” a senior US state department official told the Post.

    Al Jazeera says — Evil is arms from Iran to Syria
    “Syria remains the top destination for Iranian arms shipments, in violation of a UN Security Council ban on weapons exports by the Islamic Republic, according to a confidential report.”

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