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Philip Weiss, investigative journalist and author of the blog MondoWeiss, discusses how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu consolidated his political support and avoided early elections; why the centrist Kadima Party’s inclusion in Netanyahu’s coalition could make war with Iran more likely; how liberal Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz coordinated the sycophantic standing ovations during Netanyahu’s speech to Congress; President Obama’s inability to make tough decisions in the face of adversity; Pat Buchanan’s contrary take on WWII, The Unnecessary War; a simple visual of life as a Palestinian in an open-air prison; and why the peaceful protests in the Occupied Territories fail to garner any press coverage.

MP3 here. (38:00)

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corps.

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  1. I agree with Philip Weiss about WWII. It's true that it is always used to stir up our fears and to scapegoat other nations. Every new war is always WWII and those who criticize are Chamberlains. I often like to read Pat Buchanan, but on this subject (and several others) he's completely wrong.
    Mondoweiss is one of the best websites for exposing the cruelty of Israeli power.

    1. No Roger, Pat is right. It is so difficult to leave the warm fuzzy nest and face the cold wind of a new dawn…isn't it?

  2. Birth defects in Fallujah are worse than in Hiroshima because of US Depleted Uranium Weapons. In Irag the US Army kidnapped small boys and their mothers. They raped the boys and forced their mothers to watch. It was filmed by a female soldier. Who ordered it ? Who participated ? Some Dr Mengele-like experiment ? They got that right: United Bluff IS The Great Satan !

  3. Nelson Baker's "Human Smoke" does a similar job as Buchanan's "Unnecessary War." Smoke consists of recitation of various news stories and correspondence from both/all sides leading up to and during the conflict. It is dry but effective. Baker does a good job of making Scott's point the allies did and do indeed hide their own "evil" behind Hitler's.

  4. Philip was showing his racism at the end as he made it clear that he cant see the genocide of russian or chinese being near as bad as the slaughter of his own master race of jewry. A fair human being would recognise that the 60million dead chinese is ten times worse than 6 million jews. I hope he does reflect on what Scott says and tries to overcome his bias.

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