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Yousaf Butt, scientific consultant to the Federation of American Scientists, discusses his article “Debunking the Missile-Defense Myth;” how missile defense systems – as currently implemented – can be easily and cheaply overwhelmed with decoy warheads; more promising alternatives like boost-phase interceptors; carrying on the status quo to benefit defense contractors and to give NATO a reason to exist; Russia’s concern about US and NATO “defensive” missiles in Eastern Europe; and establishing a free market for nuclear energy, without government subsidies.

MP3 here. (20:36)

Dr. Yousaf Butt is a scientific consultant to the Federation of American Scientists and a physicist in the High-Energy Astrophysics Division at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He was on the instrument operations team responsible for the main focal plane instrument aboard NASA’s orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory from 1999-2004. Previously, he has been a fellow in the Committee on International Security and Arms Control at the National Academy of Sciences and a research fellow in the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. He has authored numerous papers on technical aspects of national and global security issues as well as on astrophysics and nuclear physics. He holds a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from Yale University and a dual B.S. in mechanical engineering and physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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  1. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge because the Pentagon aims to achieve a disarming/unanswerable first strike capability. The US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously according to Bob Aldridge. Navstar, now GPS, was made to get an accuracy of less than 30 meters, necessary to destroy missile silos. Professor J. Edward Anderson: The deployment of anti-missile missiles in Eastern Europe is part of a first-strike strategy. Bob Aldridge on the missiles in the three countries: Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike. Dr Bob Bowman, Chief DOD "Star Wars" Program: Missile defense is the missing link to first strike. Der Spiegel 49/2011: The US Missile Shield will be fully operational by 2020. This leads to Launch On Warning and Accidental Nuclear War. The missiles in Eastern Europe are to take out the Russian second strike force, i.e. the silos not hit by Minuteman-3 and Trident-2.

  2. Ask Gordon Prather about LFTR (liquid fluoride thorium reactors). You likely thought that your friendly local neighborhood nuclear power plant was built down the block to provide cheap electricity. Electricity is a waste product of such plants. Their main product is weapons grade plutonium, the trigger in thermonuclear weapons. Atoms for peace my ass!

    Some advantages of thorium over u235:

    1. Thorium is a naturally occurring, slightly radioactive metal, and it has been considered as an alternative nuclear fuel to
    2. Unlike uranium, thorium is non-proliferative: The key advantage of the thorium fuel cycle is that it does NOT produce
    plutonium and is non-proliferative for that reason.
    3. The energy contained in one kilogram of thorium equals that of four thousand tons of coal.
    4. The energy stored in the earth's thorium reserves is thought to be greater than that available from all other conventional
    (fossil) and nuclear fuels combined.
    5. Thorium is cheaper and more abundant than uranium (approx three times more abundant in the Earth's crust than all
    forms of uranium combined).
    6. The thorium fuel cycle produces less radioactive waste than uranium (1,000 to 10,000 times less than in conventional
    7. Unlike natural uranium where only the 0.7% sliver of isotope 235 is fissionable, thorium is fully used in the fuel cycle.
    8. Unlike uranium, thorium can burn plutonium waste from traditional nuclear reactors with additional energy output.
    9. Unlike uranium, thorium is not suitable for the production of weapons-grade materials.
    10. Global reserves of thorium (India, Australia, Norway and the U.S. possess the largest reserves) could cover the world’s
    energy needs for thousands of years.

    1. I read somewhere that a thorium reactor could be shut down very quickly, almost like flipping a switch, unlike uranium reactors.
      But, for either type, does electrical energy produced over its lifetime exceed the total energy expended in building & operating it (including mining, fuel rod manufacture, waste handling)?

        1. That link is seriously messed up. 5 minute mashup? Hell… its two hours of jump-cut editing with no intro or context. I'll check out something else but this is not a good introduction. Thanks anyways.

  3. Pure fiction is the illusion that our world could end by a nuclear first strike, as it is based on the premise that the 1% rich and powerful are bad, while we the 99% are basically good. For if nature’s most perfect perpetual life should someday expire in a convulsion, we all will be part-guilty as society is a closed loop control system making each class equally in control.

  4. UE NOW:إن شئتم إهتديتم، وإلا فالعمى سيكون صفتكم وهويتكم وبإختياركم ، الجحيم من أمامكم والتوبة من ورائكم وليس لكم والله إلا الخضوع

  5. My God, they are going to balloon us all! Please everybody; permit DOD to spend whatever is required to protect us from this horrible threat from outer space.

  6. The threat from outer space is from the Pentagon Office For First Strike Plans. That´s why Navstar, now called GPS, was developed. There´s a reason the Russians are the best chess players. They won´t deploy Launch On Warning until it´s absolutely necessary to secure the stupid, crazy American Suicide.

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