Noam Sheizaf


Noam Sheizaf, journalist at and keeper of the Promised Land blog, discusses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s super-coalition government – the strongest since Israel’s founding; why Israel’s settler movement has nothing to fear from current political conditions in Israel and the US; how Israel’s citizens have lost interest in the West Bank occupation, much like Americans who couldn’t care less about Afghanistan; and why the occupation of Palestinian lands is best described as a joint Israel-US project.

MP3 here. (11:04)

Noam Sheizaf is an independent journalist and editor. He worked for Ha-ir local paper in Tel Aviv, for and for Maariv daily paper, where his last post was as a deputy editor of the weekend magazine. His articles have been published at Haaretz, Yedioth Ahronoth, The Nation and other papers and magazines.

Before working as a journalist, Noam served four and a half years in the IDF. He lives and works in Tel Aviv.

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  1. There may not be a 'master plan' but there is a definite direction/momentum and that is heading for just what Scott described with nothing to stop it or slow it down. The US has rendered itself irrelevant by its inaction and lack of will, or actually its' will is now controlled by Israel supporters. What they want is total war on the Palestinians, and possibly on all Muslims and/or Arabs. It's what they lovingly call 'Armageddon' and 'the rapture'. They call it piety but it is nothing less than a kind of collective mass insanity.

  2. U$ budget:kuwait+saudi+UAE+Oman+bahrain+Qatar dollarz feedincc UK-israel-Turkey-M$rjor Xacademiez from MexicoChineez labors

  3. War with Iran would provide conditions for the Israelis to undertake the final Nakba. Iran's proxies would retaliate massively against Israel, and the IDF would then have the "excuse" to cleanse S Lebanon, S Syria, the West Bank, and Gaza. The chaos and brutality during a war with Iran would also give Israel a chance to internally "solve" its demographic problem–through extermination or expulsion. A neutered Iran and a "clean" Greater Israel–what more could a good Likudnik want?

    1. Hell, the chaos of an Iranian war would give every government in the region "cover" to brutally rid themselves of dissidents, rebels, unwanted ethnics and other troublesome elements.

    2. Join the real world, the Israeli pussies will run to other countries. They are not used to retaliation, only used to killing unarmed and starving women and children. If they attach Iran, lights out.

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