Christopher Anders


Christopher Anders, senior legislative counsel in the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office, discusses the temporary legal injunction prohibiting enforcement of some provisions in the NDAA, specifically the indefinite military detentions that could apply to American dissidents like Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg; the vague definitions of “support for terrorism” and “associated forces,” which basically mean whatever the government wants them to; why most members of Congress are willing to destroy civil liberties to look tough on terrorism and win reelection; imagining the consequences if other countries dared to assassinate Americans based on secret evidence and an undisclosed legal standard; and the US’s hypocritical message to the developing world about the superiority of civilian trials to military ones.

MP3 here. (16:45)

Christopher E. Anders is the senior legislative counsel in the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington Legislative Office. He represents the ACLU in lobbying Congress and the executive branch on lesbian and gay rights, the faith-based initiative, conflicts between religious claims and civil rights, fair housing, oversight of federal civil rights enforcement, restoration of civil rights protections eroded by the courts, hate crimes and HIV/AIDS issues.

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  1. "…prohibiting enforcement of some provisions in the NDAA.." Emphasis on SOME and not deep sixing the filthy thing. Another case of two steps forward and one step back but never further back than before.

  2. The standard is: If they can do it to foreigners, then they can do it to fellow Americans. What´s wrong with that? Isn´t it an example of the scale of justice? Shouldn´t the argument be about targeted assassinations and not the nationality of the targets?

    1. First they came for the foreigners … then they came for immigrants … and now they are coming for you. The judiciary has permitted monstrosities like Abu Gharaib and Gitmo on the flimsy ground that they are in foreign land. Never mind that they were/are run by US military personnel in the land that was under full US control.

  3. Terrorism — Violence to end good government

    Revolution — Violence to end bad government

    A joystick assassin positions his drone for the kill knowing that many more innocent victims with be wasted then the leader he is trying to execute, a militant does the exact same thing with his timed explosive, and that night both killers go to bed with a clear conscience.



    Yes__ No__ Empire USA is not fit to exist and it is impossible to commit an act of terrorism against it.

  4. WHen Bu$h_Obama Kill club will get a month jailRavi time for cam me 24×7 for 22yrs..Any volunteer honest judges.

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