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Neve Gordon, Israeli activist and author of Israel’s Occupation, discusses his article “Erasing the Nakba: Israel’s Tireless Efforts to Conceal the Historical Events Leading to Its Creation;” how the state propagates its own version of history through public education, popular culture and compliant media; why the “land without a people” myth of Israel’s founding is less convincing than ever; how 500,000 Israeli settlers have – by design – made a two-state solution all but impossible; and why a single, power-sharing, bi-national state is the last avenue to Israeli-Palestinian peace.

MP3 here. (22:36)

Neve Gordon is an Israeli activist and the author of Israel’s Occupation. His website is

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    Neve Gordon
    Palestinians need to recognize that time has not stood still since 1948… millions of Jews are here and their not going anywhere. And there has to be a kind of recognition that a Jew living in a home once owned by a Palestinian will not leave that house, as it will create another wrong.”

    The crime is stolen land, and the only way to make it right is return the land to its rightful owners.

    For either Israel is abolished and organic law is upheld, or Israel is recognized as a state and planes earth becomes a paradise for criminal “settlers.”

  2. How in heaven´s name can there be a dialog about a one state solution without even once mentioning “one-man-one-vote” in the so called equality formula? There can be no one state solution without equal voting rights – it´s impossible. There should be no more discussions with Israelis about a one state solution without taking into account the voting rights for everybody, including Palestinians. For God´s sake, isn´t that what we preach to the entire world? Isn´t it the basis of everything we believe in?

  3. In U$Kingz Ccloud there r NO states. There is ONEMadoff Fa$sed VIP club that U can not impeach:welcome to ramalla graves

  4. Native American culture is reduced to museums and teary-eyed documentaries; Nakba is thus too. You hit it right on the head, Scott!

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