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Chris Hellman, Senior Research Analyst for the National Priorities Project, discusses his article “How Much Does Washington Spend on ‘Defense;'” the GOP’s plan to cut the “meals on wheels” program instead of the Pentagon’s budget; how constant threat-hyping makes Americans believe Iran is more threatening than the Soviet Union in its heyday; how outsourcing failed to reduce the size and cost of government; and why a few budget items should be higher, like nuclear waste storage.

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Chris Hellman is Senior Research Analyst for the National Priorities Project.

Chris joined NPP after serving as a military policy analyst for the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation where his work focused on national security spending, military planning and policy, base closures, major weapons systems, trends in the defense industry, global military spending, and homeland security. Prior to joining the Center, Chris spent six years as a Senior Research Analyst at the Center for Defense Information. He also worked for two years as a military budget specialist at Physicians for Social Responsibility. Previously, Chris spent ten years on Capitol Hill as a congressional staffer working on national security and foreign policy issues. He is a frequent media commentator on military planning, policy, and budgetary issues and is the author of numerous reports and articles. He holds a Bachelors Degree from Middlebury College in Vermont.

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  1. Is it possible that the U.S. economy will shortly be able to carry NEITHER its domestic spending NOR its military spending?

  2. The last statement that Chris made about the importance of the quality of warrior being more effective than the increase in new technology was really interesting. From the reports I´ve seen about the Chinese military, they are going all out in their selection (highly competitive exams) and training programs for new recruits, for both men and women. China has enough technology to sap our GPS, which would ground most of our killing technology, so why get into a spending race on super expensive systems that won´t work when the time comes? Of course it´s all about supporting the military industry, regardless of what works or doesn´t work. What a joke!

  3. America going to war over oil is insane. The US has the world's largest shale oil reserves of 2 TRILLION barrels. Yes, people that's right 2 trillion with a T. Now shale oil is not like crude oil it's not liquide but more like a rock but processes does exist to turn shale oil in to useble crude like oil. If the US has spend half the money on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 11 year's to develop this resource. Then the US today will be completely self sufficient in energy. The trade deficit will largely be gone and with abundance of cheap energy it has the potential to create a new industrial boom in the US. and the budget deficit could be entirely gone and the national debt now will be much lower. And if the Middle East does blow up without US presence then oil prices will sky rocket making America even richer.

    U.S. economy… not able to carry… domestic spending”

    Our empire has been engaged in brutal imperialism and worldwide plunder since we nuked Japan, result being that our voting majority now owns over a forth of all the wealth on earth. And so greedy is our 51% most wealthy, that not hardly a one in the lower half of society has the $35 needed to get a sick kid into the doctor’s office

    Nationalize all the wealth we have plundered, and give half of it back to our victims which would eliminate their vengeance and end terrorism. Then put everyone in America to work rebuilding bridges, hospitals and schools.

  5. Absolute logic — Not a relative fiction thing

    Walter Cole
    “Of course it’s all about supporting the military industry”

    Above is a false statement, and misinformation fiction. For to use the word “all” in such a relative fashion generates nothing but confusion.

    For the most intelligent men on earth, this is our corporate rich and every aspect of our economy is coordinated to achieve maximum profit for our voting majority, the 51% most wealthy.

    Disaster capitalism actually, with housing bubbles created to burst on schedule, great depressions created to shift wealth upward on schedule and an austerity agenda set to cause a genocide of the lower half of society, all on schedule.

  6. Fracking insanity — Greed gone crazy

    George W. Bush
    “shale oil… develop this resource. Then the US today will be completely self sufficient in energy.”

    Hydraulic fracking to get at solidified oil encapsulated in rocks, this cause exotic and cancer educing chemicals to enter our underground aquifers, the drinking water we depend on for life.

  7. In Big israel(aramcorpz), The U$ 51 state has 13AarabMadoff'z that shutup 300M sheeps to be UNAIGslatured for Askar revenue. Impeach O Ba MA ROMnee

  8. Empire USA — The best of all options

    “Now their coming out with, we have to cut out all this welfare for single mothers, meals on wheels and all these kinds of things… for me I don’t believe in any of them at all, I think they should all be abolished and the whole government with them, but that’s just me.”

    (1) If we give up our military, then what do we do with over a forth of all the wealth in the world that we have plundered since nuking Japan? And even if we did such a righteous thing as give it all back to the nations we plundered, the world in general is no more honest or dishonest then we Americans and without a giant military to protect our giant wealth, destined to be invaded like Iran would be our fait.

    (2) Optimum poverty has been inflicted upon the uneducated lower half of our society, thanks to the voting majority, the 51% most wealthy who use democracy as a tool to hoard all our wealth. For those with no education but some high school are no more honest or dishonest then society in general, and if minimum wage was increased, more babies and greater poverty would be the sure result. And if austerity starves the poor even more, surely then comes rebellion and anarchy like you never saw before.

  9. Sorry Scott, I had to stop listening because you can't seem to shut your mouth and let the man speak. Comments were interesting though.

  10. The gas industry adds chemicals to fracking water because ordinary water has a hydrogen bond angle of only 104.5 degrees. My technology increases the hydrogen bond angle to 113.8 (rounded off to 114 degrees)…WITHOUT CHEMICALS! The U of MN, in an outreach well program years ago noted the bacteria count went from "skyhigh" to ZERO using only TEN gallons of this water ONE TIME and it lasts for a year or years. Although this sounds "impossible", thousands of wells have been done at low cost because I invented this technology and it is patented world wide. A Washington Post article: "10,000 people/day" travelling for this water with a patent description backed up by The Washington Times but the gas industry won't use this technology in spite of the fact it makes our precious water supplies BETTER (not WORSE!) because the chemical companies will lose money! I was an oil well logging Engineer for Baroid in my youth, so I understand the mindset! John Ellis

  11. A town in CO used my technology and saved millions because they didn't have to build a wastewater treatment plant after being fined $10,000/day by the State for months because water treatment companies said their 5 acre waste lagoon with over 10 million gallons of e-coli bacteria was "untreatable"! Thousands of homeowners have treated their own wells using this technology. Most importantly, gas wells can be fracked without chemicals by increasing the Hydrogen Bond angle in ordinary water from104.5 degrees to 113.8 degrees! We were taught in Engineering School that you can't change water properties. However, Scientists at Los Alamos to The Washington Times : "We are wrong and he' is right! He increased the Hydrogen Bond Angle to 114 degrees!" Although only 10 gallons of this water is required to treat a homeowners well, a greater volume can be added to ordinary water when fracking a gas well. John Ellis

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