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IPS News journalist Adam Morrow discusses his article “From Mubarak to Worse;” the final two candidates – a Muslim Brother and a former Mubarak official – in Egypt’s presidential run-off election; why Egyptians are more concerned with Islamic dress codes than Gaza policy or foreign meddling; the Muslim Brotherhood’s history of cooperation with the West; Egypt’s unfinished constitution; and why Egypt’s socialist/leftist groups haven’t had any electoral success.

MP3 here. (16:05)

Adam Morrow writes for Inter Press Service News Agency.

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  1. Ikhwan$Birth:From Mubarak to Jamal through U$I Tassali-briberiez

    Mursi want to Upgrade Asaker WBCEO'z salaries while Greece CEO'$ is looking into Silver/gold as currency starting from ZERO away from WBciti'z cookBooks.

  2. Both candidates are millionaires and members of the rich ruling class, the 25% most wealthy. So, both would continue to enslave the uneducated lower half of society by a $3 a day minimum wage.

  3. Mubarak — Sentenced to life in luxury

    Two new just out on Mubarak, one says he is in good health enjoying a luxury room at a hospital, another one says he is sentenced to life in prison.

    So, for the first year we will be told that Mubarak is too sick to leave his hospital bed, then out of mercy we will be fed the fiction that he should in his mansion on the shore spend his last days on a death bed.

  4. The US won the war for Osama? You cannot win an insurgency without the help of the government you are fighting – the enemy (government) has to overreact for a successful insurgency, always. It is all about getting the government to overreact. Osama won the war on terror because Osama understood that point, the Americans overreacted beyond Osama´s wildest dreams. It gets better (for Osama), Osama is dead and he is continuing toward the total destruction of the US economy and humiliation of the US military forces. This is the guy who never had more than 200 men running around in caves on the other side of the world. They are in their caves right this minute, praying for the US to react even further, bring in more drones, Spec Ops night raids, piss on more dead, burn more Korans, kill more woman and children, torture more people, attack more countries.… In the not so far future, the Middle East will be sending food for the poor starving people in America.

    Personally, I don´t believe anything I wrote, but do believe that it was a "Produced in America" war, with Osama being a friend of the family. However, if you insist on believing "official" versions, then the above scenario is your truth – Osama is by far the best and most powerful warrior in human history. A nice, soft-spoken guy taking walks in the hills, chatting with his men….

  5. Mursi must close AzharOilee-QadhaaEmbassies-AskarU$-currencyPRINTINCC and start even-Shariaa In Muslim UE State not continue with JamalSulyXmen OPEN-SOLDAlready Makramat-rashawi

  6. Yes, Scott, you are being incredible self-centered to think that the Egyptian people should be thinking ONLY of what the U.S. government and the CIA think. It would be naive to say that they are no longer relevant, but their influence is waning. These are people who have their own nation, culture, language, religions – and a history that goes back thousands of years; they have their own problems and aspirations and interests, yet you seem surprised that they're taking that into account?

    And as Adam said, the 'revolution' involved many more regular Egyptians than the media-savvy young secular liberals. They were never the majority… and as Adam also said, just because an Egyptian is young doesn't mean they're secular; there are a lot of young Islamists.

    One more thing… you seem to be associating the Muslim Brotherhood, or any desire on the part of Egyptians to live Islamically, with Bin Laden, which is ridiculous.

  7. I just heard that the Egyptian court has condemned Mubarak to life in prison for the murder of protestors. Indeed we could learn so much from the Egyptians about justice. That was really quick justice, while Americans are still waiting for even an investigation or two into murder, torture, renditions, illegal attacks and invasions, human rights abuses, etc. It looks to me like Sharia Law works better than what is left of ours, or is it simply that the Egyptian people love justice more than Americans? I take my hat off to the Egyptians and thank them for the lesson.

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