John Glaser


John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses the going-nowhere P5+1 Iran talks; the domestic political considerations that influence Obama’s foreign policy decisions; how US Iran Policy is Intended to Leave Open ‘Avenues for Regime Change;'” why the US and Israel won’t tolerate Iran’s nuclear breakout capability (even though nearly all nations with civilian nuclear programs have one); and the contradictory media reports on Syria’s Houla massacre.

MP3 here. (19:56)

7 thoughts on “John Glaser”

  1. The US has lost its way. It needs regime change. Who is on Godfather Obama´s deadslist ? Another teenager ! In the Pentagon the insanity is extreme in office for First-Strike Capability. They are suicidal bloody fools.

    1. The United States has indeed lost its way. When future historians mull over the ruins of America, they'll have plenty to think about (a lawless U.S. Government, incessant military actions and warmongering, ad nauseam).

      "Regime change"? I incline toward nullification and secession, myself. . . .

  2. Iran has the moral high ground — Bomb it and our Empire crumbles

    Iran is totally innocent with morality most high, while our Empire is most imperial, brutal and despicable. So, it all depends upon how suicidal our rulers have become.

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