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Jason Leopold, lead investigative reporter of Truthout and author of News Junkie, discusses his exclusive article on Hesham Abu Zubaidah, brother of the infamous “high-value detainee” al-Qaeda member; the two years Hesham spent in jail for an immigration violation after 9/11 – during which he was constantly questioned about his long-estranged brother; our total reliance on government-sourced information on (terrorism suspect) Abu Zubaidah; the indispensable Andy Worthington; and how the FBI convinced Hesham to become a government informant and testify in court against his brother.

MP3 here. (21:07)

Jason Leopold is lead investigative reporter of Truthout. He is the author of the Los Angeles Times bestseller, News Junkie, a memoir.

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  1. Contrast that with the treatment given to the real brothers of Osama Bin Laden, they were flown out of the US on a chartered plane when no commercial planes were allowed to fly. There the lofty principal of 'no guilt by association' was employed. It pays to belong to the rich and mighty class, and it is a plus if you are a friend of the Bush family. While I do think it was only fair to not punish the other brothers for OBL's crime, why did they not apply the same principal in the case of Abu Zubaidah?

    1. The U.S. Constitution could be applied in a way that protects the rights of people, but its not, for only property has rights in our court system. For a money dictatorship is our judicial, surely and only a fool goes into court against someone better able to advance YOUR lawyer’s career, back stabbers that they be.

  2. Law enforcement USA — Monocracy most deadly

    Richest man in town hand-picks your police chief.

    Richest man in the county hand picks your Sheriff.

    And the richest among the rich nobility in High Society, they are a power combine that hand-pick’s the FBI Director, Attorney General and every judge in the Supreme Court since 1776.

  3. Ownership — Absolute dictatorship

    In Alabama there is a small skyscraper in Montgomery that overlooks the Capital Dome, which is owned by the 45 richest and most powerful men in Alabama, who own among other things Alabama Power which owns all the natural gas in Alabama.

    So, take a walk around your state’s Capital Dome and if like me you happen to see a small skyscraper and in the driveway a chauffeur policing a $150,000 sports car, then have a little chat about ownership, the whole ownership and nothing but ownership.

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