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Nikolas Kozloff, author of Hugo Chavez: Oil, Politics and the Challenge to the U.S., discusses his article “What’s Behind Obama’s New Military Base in Chile;” doubts about the base’s official purpose as peacekeeper training facility, considering the recent history of US interference in South America; the Chilean government’s fight (aided by the FBI) with the Mapuche Indians over control of natural resources; US worries about Brazil as a future near-peer competitor; why the School of the Americas (now WHINSEC) is still a popular destination for Chilean military officers; and the intricacies of US-Venezuelan relations.

MP3 here. (21:45)

Nikolas Kozloff is a New York-based writer. A former academic, he received his doctorate in Latin American history from Oxford University. The author of Hugo Chavez: Oil, Politics and the Challenge to the U.S., and Revolution! South America and the Rise of the New Left, he also writes for such venues as al-Jazeera English. He has provided political analysis for the BBC and National Public Radio, and even put in a guest appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Few have written as extensively as Kozloff about Latin America and the wider region. For years, he has been reporting on Venezuela, as well as the political phenomenon of populism. An expert on U.S. foreign policy in Latin America, he has also covered Central America and, more recently, rising star Brazil. In addition, Kozloff is the author of No Rain in the Amazon: How South America’s Climate Change Affects the Entire Planet, and frequently writes articles about the environment and climate change.

A frequent columnist on the WikiLeaks scandal, Kozloff has written about secret U.S. diplomatic cables and their relationship to American foreign policy. Furthermore, he recently founded The Revolutionary Handbook interview project and has been an ongoing commentator on the “Occupy” movement.

Kozloff just published a satiric novel, Post Academic Stress Disorder. The New York Times calls the book a “wry novel about the anarchists, spiritualists, health nuts, pet lovers, and pie-throwers of the East Village.”

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