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Independent investigative journalist Joe Lauria discusses his article “Security Council Blames Syria for Attack;” allegations that the Houla massacre was actually Sunni rebels killing pro-government Alawites and Shia; why Bashar al-Assad deserves the blame for Syria’s civil unrest; the media’s scant coverage of al-Qaeda’s presence within Syria’s rebellion; Russia’s strategic interests in Syria aside from the Tartus naval port; why NATO intervention would almost certainly worsen the crisis; and the revenge massacres likely to follow in the wake of Syrian regime change, with a Sunni Islamist government in charge.

MP3 here. (21:41)

Joe Lauria is a New York-based independent investigative journalist. A freelance member of the Sunday Times of London Insight team, he has also worked on investigations for the Boston Globe and Bloomberg News. Joe’s articles have additionally appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Montreal Gazette, The Johannesburg Star, The Washington Times, New York Magazine, ARTnews and other publications.

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  1. Russia — Big elephant in the mix

    A most excellent interview, by one with an open mind.

    Do wish that the future actions of Russia had entered the discussion, all those Russian attack helicopters that may have been given to Syria, stuff like that.

  2. There was a report on one attack by the rebels that they used Chechen swarming techniques attacking multiple targets in different directions at once that is not surprising as both were trained in camps in Turkey. The the head of Dagestan militants was a Turkish mercenary Sheikh Abdusalam before getting killed by Russian forces.

  3. To John Uk I think you must be from Russia as you are portraying the victims as enemies and especially your own (chechen). Shame on you russians and pro-syrians governement as the definition of massacare in your dictionairies are different depending on the religion or sect of the victims. So if they are muslims especially sunnis, they must be the responsible. But don't forget God the creator is just and aware of all what you're doing, there is no place to hids from him in this life and in the afterlife………………………………………

    1. No Russian connection what so ever.

      Actually I was initially with the sympathetic to the Chechens as the western media reporting is 100% pro-Chechen it was only after 9/11 I looked into the issue and the geo-political aspect behind it that I realised that what we were being told is propaganda and the central part of the NWO agenda. The same with the Balkans supporting Islamic terror states to control the Caspian energy and oil pipeline routes to Europe that bypass Russia.

      9/11 hijackers (rebels) were recruited from the Chechen camp in Khost like the African embassy bombings and ran through a protected European and North American terrorist network to carry out the rebel assault on 9/11.

      As for Syria if you are going to run the same propaganda as in the Balkans at least make it somewhat! 😉

  4. As Joe Lauria says, it is important that people have more information (accurate information, that is), and this guy seems to know what he's talking about. Still, it seems that he was interviewed because he mentioned a single report (since proven wrong?) that fit in with's stance, claiming that it was Syrian Sunni rebels who committed the Houla massacre against Alawites.

    I wonder why, though, when they discussed what kind of government would replace Assad, he looked at it from the point of view of what would be good for Israel… and Zooey seems to assume that an Islamist government is bad news, but why shouldn't the Syrian people be allowed to choose that?

    Also, the massacre of thousands of Syrians in 1982 was in Hama, not Homs.

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