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Sarah Marusek, social science doctoral candidate at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, discusses her article “West Must Recognize Peaceful Palestinian Resistance Movement;” the hundreds of thousands of down-and-out Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who, inspired by the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and beyond, are demonstrating to get back home; the surprising alliance between competing Palestinian factions (Fatah, Hamas) and militant groups (Islamic Jihad) that are joining together for peaceful rallies; the mainstream media’s refusal to cover (or contemplate) an event that shows Palestinians peacefully resisting Israeli occupation; and the leading women activists in the Palestinian movement.

MP3 here. (17:57)

Sarah Marusek is a member of the International Central Committee of the Global March to Jerusalem and is a social science doctoral candidate at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. She is in Lebanon on an International Education Graduate Fellowship for International Study to research Islamic charities.

7 thoughts on “Sarah Marusek”

  1. Only a pacifist can be non-violent

    The young lady really knows her stuff, most delighting for those new to the anti-war movement in the Middle-East.

    My thought is, if the Palestine freedom fighters plan to make an impact by non-violence, instead of throwing the stones back at a mob, they need to gather the stones up in a box and hand them back with a smile.

    The goal being to make your enemy feel guilty, one must be totally harmless by never using force to overcome evil. So, throw at them gift certificates for a burger at a fast-food restaurant, find our where they live and go mow their grass, that sort of thing.

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