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Eric Margolis, internationally syndicated columnist and author of American Raj, discusses his article “Egypt Headed for an Explosion;” the vote-rigging funny business that enabled a Mubarak retread to get in the presidential runoff election; why Egypt won’t remain a US client state, 2 billion a year in military aid notwithstanding; how the US Navy came to be both tremendously expensive and strategically useless; the USAF’s critical role in US foreign policy; and the Pentagon’s promotion of China as the next big threat to justify their enormous budget.

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Eric S. Margolis is an award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist. His articles appear in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Times of London, the Gulf Times, the Khaleej Times and Dawn. He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. He appears as an expert on foreign affairs on CNN, BBC, France 2, France 24, Fox News, CTV and CBC.

As a war correspondent Margolis has covered conflicts in Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Sinai, Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Pakistan, El Salvador and Nicaragua. He was among the first journalists to ever interview Libya’s Muammar Khadaffi and was among the first to be allowed access to KGB headquarters in Moscow. A veteran of many conflicts in the Middle East, Margolis recently was featured in a special appearance on Britain’s Sky News TV as “the man who got it right” in his predictions about the dangerous risks and entanglements the US would face in Iraq.

Margolis is the author of War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet and American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World.

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  1. I like you Eric, but it was Cole, not Stark. I know because I was on Cole for 3 years. Stark was a frigate that was hit by an Iraqi Exocet missile. Although you are correct that after taking a major hit neither would be able to keep its weapons online due to fragile electronics, the hulls themselves are rather well built. The total TNT equivalent of the explosives used against Cole was enormous, significantly more so than what you would find in a garden-variety anti-ship cruise missile. The US Navy deserves plenty of criticism, but not on its hull designs. If you want to talk about the obsolescence of America's surface navy, you need only point out that it is defenseless against even the most mediocre of submarine fleets.

  2. Eric Margolis
    “Military imperialism… Western nations fund half of all the military on earth

    Now as we Anglo Saxons are only 10% of world population, one might argue that before we could claim to have a military that is purely defensive, we would need to reduce our military to 10% of world total. But, a false argument it would surely be, as we “pink people,” as the world calls us, we own half of all wealth giving us no choice but to fund half of all military.

    As the sole purpose of our military is to by brutal imperialism plunder property, and to fight terrorists who try to take back their rightful property, our military shall be manned and funded only by those who own property, namely, the 51% most wealthy voting majority.

  3. NEW LAW
    As High Society owns 80% of America’s wealth, as it was plundered and until returned to its rightful owner will cause 80% of terrorism, the rich nobility shall pay 80% of the cost of our imperial military.

  4. Billionaire Mursi — The Obama of Egypt

    The Muslim Brotherhood being among the richest of the rich in Egypt, surely he is the next President of Egypt and he shall be worse then Mubarak, just as Obama is worse then Bush.

          1. That's not what the cleric is saying.

            English may be your second language, but read the article then try spinning it.

          2. That is what the facts are. Jerusalem is supposed to the Capital of a future palestinian state but the Israeli government says that jerusalem will always be under israels control.

          3. A lot of good that did them in 1939.

            No more Shoah, and they won't give you that choice, you care nothing for life even defending suicide bombers. You would kill simply because your religion demands it.

            So, they take matters into their own hands. How does it feel to be the reason the IDF is so strong?

          4. The jews live all over. Nobody is gonna do anything to jews in new york or los angeles. What about the shoah against the palestinians?? Don't care?

          5. Why? Do you know Obama who is on the same path Hitler took won't turn on them even more? He's already betrayed them several times already.

            Why should their lives depend on the logic of an Iranian rented mouth such as yourself?

          6. Good luck with that. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and they aren't giving it up…period.

            Also…the "palestians" will NEVER have a country of their own. They need to go back to their countries of origin (Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria). The only problem with that is their own countries don't even want them. That's why they're stuck in limbo now. Israel had nothing to do with it.

            I can hardly wait for the day when Israel evicts the Muslims from Jerusalem, blows the Dome of the Rock off of the Temple Mount and rebuilds their Temple. That will be a joyous day indeed! And trust me when I tell you…that day is coming!

  5. Uprising — Revolution — Counter-revolution

    “What took place in Egypt was an uprising and not a revolution, John. It was in other words a prelude to revolution, and you do a cruel disservice to all of the brave souls who stood together in Tahrir Sq.”

    A Revolution has one specific goal, to overthrow a government.

    Whereas, an uprising could have any number of goals, secession, land reform, higher wages.

    Whereas, a counter-revolution is used by a corrupt government to fool the people into thinking that a real Revolution took place and that justice reigns victorious.

    If you ask me, from start to finish this whole fiasco in Egypt has been a counter-revolution. For Mubarak’s son was in line to be the next President, and the military junta wanted General Shafiq to have the honor.

  6. The US is responsible for the military junta that is in egypt, and is responsible for the government declaring martial law. Just like in Algeria.

    1. How does that make you feel, hero? You DO realize that this is ALL squarely on Obama's shoulders, don't you?

      1. I wish I can change it. But I am just one man. Bush would be doing the same thing. Any zionist stooge would get up there and do the same thing to appease Israel. Algeria happened like 30 years ago. That wasn't Obamas fault. I wish that we would not intervene at all and let freedom ring. Whatever happens happens. We'll do our thing and they'll do their thing. Everybody wins. Simple right? If Egypt elects an islamist government that runs the military and cuts off all support to the zionist regime, who cares? How does that affect me as an American? It doesn't.

        1. What, specifically, is your objection to Israel being a sovereign Nation? Not that it matters, of course. The U.N. recognizes them as such, so your objections are meaningless, but I'd still like to hear you express your bigotry.

          1. You know how Iranian centric muslim friendly people put it.
            They think Israel would be fine if it was part of another country in a place they aren't from and with no say over their destiny.

            And they want more than to 'erase' Israel, they want the survivors as humiliated as possible as they are marched off to the gas ovens all over again.

          2. He's online and checking my profile.

            So, you know he knows you want it.
            Is he just a iranian coward or will he address the question?

          3. I don't like that my country is fighting wars for israel. I don't like how they knew 9/11 was going to happen and they did not tell us. I don't like how they own the US. The UN also recognizes them to be in violation of over 45 UN resolutions.

          4. Iran does not have nuclear weapons as my country's 16 intelligence agencies make very clear. My country (america) is fighting a war of terror for israel. I am sick of it.

          5. Oh you silly Iranian.
            The UN did notice the way you guys sanitized two sites. That indicates that you all are doing things when the nuclear scientists actually don't get blown up on the way to work.

          6. Those motorcycle delivery men are rough, aren't they? I'm glad I don't have to make THAT commute!

          7. It's their own fault, you know.
            If those nuclear physicists think they're all so big and bad that they can get off the donkeys and camels.. and drive cars with doors then they obviously need to be taken down a notch.

          8. The IAEA inspects their facilities constantly. If you were paying attention the Iranians and the agency made a new deal allowing even MORE inspections. They've been more forthcoming than any other NPT member since its inception!

          9. No they didn't. You don't read the news. The IAEA and Iran agreed to even MORE thorough inspections. Something west thought they would never agree to. Parchin is a military site and they would be smart if they moved their military equipment somewhere else. Does China have a right to inspect our military sites? hmmm?

          10. You don't read the news. The IAEA is allowed even further into nuclear sites, even military sites like parchin. Would the US allow China to inspect THEIR military sites? I think not.

          11. There are all kinds of countries doing all kinds of terrible things every day, but I don't hear you calling for the destruction of any of them. Why is that?

          12. It's a sad day for Islam when internet trolling is a valid substitute for martyrdom! What does that pay? About 3 soiled doves and a place in purgatory?

          13. For the reasons I just mentioned. Controlling my country's media, government, knowing 9/11 in advance yet not telling anyone, etc. etc.

          14. You just hate them, because their God is more powerful than allah.

            You can't destroy them and their God mocks your phony religion every time you fail.

          15. Oh, snap! Tell the truth and shame the Devil! How humiliating it must be to know that a billion or so Muslims can't even handle a few million Jews. And they want to take over the whole world? Talk about your delusions of grandeur! No wonder they've got all those anger issues!

          16. They're destroying themselves and they will be destroyed. I'm not even worried about that. I just hope they don't bring the rest of the world down with them like they said they would. Samson option? They have hundreds of nukes.

          17. None of that is a reason for giving everyone else a pass except Israel.You sound like a “blame America first-er” who is also an antiSemite…and that doesn't surprise me at all. those two things seem to go together like peas and carrots. It's also what I'd expect from an Iranian.

          18. Yes it is. They were the ones that knew about 9/11 and let it happen. The ivory coast doesn't get us to fight their wars. There is no war in Iraq for the Ivory coast, or chad. I know the facts. The israelis control the US government, the US media and because of that they are lying americans into war. They will be responsible for the deats of millions if they get their death wish. There is no need for America to fight any of these wars. They are all unneccessary.

          19. Tighten the chinstrap on your tin foil hat. I think those alien microwaves are reaching your brain again.

  7. I disagree with Eric on one thing. The Obama administration is supporting both Egypts military and the muslim brotherhood. They are losing their grip on the arab world and that is what the Arab spring is all about. Egypt is gonna end up like Iran today. And the only reason why they will end up like Iran of today instead of say turkey is because of the zionist regime. They have to deal with them at their borders, that will radicalize the country and the US is not in any position to stop it. That is why WW3 is much closer because israel already knows this and is applying battalions to the Sinai and is already doing their part in starting WW3. Syria is shambles, Egypt is vulnerable, Iran is threatened with war everyday, Yemen is being bombed everyday, pakistan is being bombed every day.

    Doesn't it sound like WW3. We can't win this war! We wont win this war. We need to stop now!

          1. I didn't realize some had problems with the moderators here.

            I try to think and reason more than insult here.
            And of course I know up front I won't agree with them.

            This would be a site Cowboy would say makes me a social butterfly and then he'd delicately shudder and call me something insulting.

          2. My first post here was sent to moderation. Subsequent posts went through with no problem. Being a warrior myself, I was pretty sure my opinions wouldn't exactly be welcomed on this site. As for “cowboy”, there's no accounting for taste…or lack thereof.

          3. The western wall suggests otherwise.
            You avoided my point. Do you approve of suicide belts? Can we agree on the value of live at least?

          4. The western wall built by semites that live there to this day. Most of those jews at that time converted to Islam. They are muslims now.

          5. Roger, did you hear what Partriothere said? Many of the present day Palestinians are descendants from the original Hebrews who converted to Islam. They are, all of them Arabs, regardless of religion.
            On the subject of suicide belts, I think you must realize that such actions as suicide are the actions of a powerless and desperate people defending their lands against the world's 4th most powerful army, which has had for decades the full support of the United States of America.

          6. Did your cleric just allow you to say that?

            In the west we have known that for ages, that's why we say defending ourselves from muslim extremists isn't a race issue.

          7. You don't know that. Which talking point are you on now? There are westerners who are muslim.

          8. Confused? Did the cleric keep you busy last night and leave you tired?

            Being a rented mouth must be hard work for someone such as yourself.

          9. You don't know the difference between muslims and semites and arabs. Which talking point are you going to jump from this time?

          10. Good. That makes them easier to spot. TSA should start employing that technique. Maybe they'd actually catch a terrorist for once!

        1. I, for one, would like to hear what your objections to "Zionists" are. Would you be so stupid kind as to elaborate?

          1. In Palestine the 2nd Intifada has been over since about 2005. There have been no suicide bombings for many years. Note that during the 1st Intifada peaceful protest was tried but it did not achieve anything; thus the recourse to suicide bombings. You must admit, that did have an effect. Do I approve? It is not for me to approve or disapprove, as Palestine is not my country.

          2. It holds up to all occupied peoples. Sri lanka has the highest amount of suicide terrorism. Not saudi arabia, not Iran, not Indonesia, sri lanka

          3. And the link was about a pakistani suicide attack against other pakistani's so you are still wrong.

            Could it be that islam is simply a barbaric forced culture that has no value on life?

          4. I am right. YOu are wrong. Most of them are NOT used by muslims against other muslims. That is just plain fallacious.

          5. Ironically, the same can truthfully be said about black Americans. What's up with all of that?

          6. "I am right. YOu are wrong."

            What are you, in kindergarten or something? Stop eating your paste. Maybe your brain will clear up.

          7. "palestine" is not a country…period. And it never will be one either. And, yes…we all know that you DO approve, so stop trying to hide it.

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