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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses his debate with the “Prince of Darkness” (Richard Perle) on BBC Radio; the Obama administration’s refusal to apologize for the deadly November attack on a Pakistani military outpost – even though critical supply lines to Afghanistan remain closed as a consequence; the technological barrier preventing other countries from using drones the way the US does; and how the dearth of journalists in Syria allows the Western media to spin the narrative any way they choose.

MP3 here. (20:05)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

11 thoughts on “Jason Ditz”

  1. The greedy who support an Empire — Never fooled by corruption done by their Empire

    And those with wealth who support our government, the 51% most wealthy who always vote for a war-hawk government, they were most pleased with the way Perle used a smokescreen to hide their Empire.

  2. State of the art war — Drones may destroy only drones

    All this pessimism fearing the worse-case evolution of drone warfare, but what if by intelligent design drones were to be the salvation of mankind?

    For wars are always won by those with the greatest ability to kill, and if wars were severely restricted to drones killing only drones, with the winning nation given the right to enslave the looser…

    But then — drones nuking drones, I do believe there would be some blowback.

  3. I am SO jealous you got to flog Richard Perle on the air. I promoted the radio interview but I was fuming with jealousy. I hate hate HATE Richard Perle I even made a holiday for it. (any day ending in Y as well as Feb 28 especially)

  4. Perle isn't the kind of person who would admit, or even realise, he'd been bested in a debate. Soulless sociopaths like Richard are, simply, right ….. all the time.

  5. Why would anyone want to even consider talking to this man, whom looks like a half man with a twit in his head and the other half looking like a jelly fish. This, whatever it is, with is friends like Paul Wolfowitz and their stupidities are the ones who started all this mess in the world of wimpier of vulture capitalism and neo fascism with George W. Bush in action doing these people a favor going to war in Iraq building up a mess of a messy situation. These are the people that needs to be prosecuted for their idiocy and for government to let Manning and all other US political prisoners go free.

  6. news. Scott you can't stop. I will throw a good monthly donation your way. I don't have tons of money, but you are worth more than a few dollars a month to m

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