Zooey Greif Interviews John Glaser

Zooey Greif, June 23, 2012

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John Glaser, Assistant Editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the moral and practical problems of US support for Syria’s opposition; how foreign meddling prolongs civil conflicts and reduces incentive to negotiate; why the German media’s contrary version of the Houla massacre is no more (or less) believable than the official story blaming the government; the war hawks in Congress who want Syrian regime change to weaken Iran, not for any humanitarian reason; and why policy makers aren’t thinking of intervention’s consequences, namely blowback.

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20 Responses to “John Glaser”

  1. Why is Turkey so interested in overthrowing Assad.

  2. Empires — They rule by default

    John Glaser — “Foreign powers keep meddling in the conflict and prolonging the bloodshed, and the only way they would stop is if positive that some rival power could not gain a geopolitical advantage.”

    Empires battling for supremacy, their inflicting the absolute worse kind of treachery, deceit and misery, surely a once in a lifetime learning experience that should have everyone glued to the news.

    But quite the reverse, for less then 1% of the world bothers to get updated on this Empire battle royal. For it offers no pleasure nor material gain, and seeking all pleasure and avoiding all pain, this is what our self-absorbed world is all about.

  3. Because with US backing it wants to be the regional super power and has strong links to the ethnic communities in the Mid East.

  4. dude jame! by ethnic you mean religious, right? ethinc and religion are very different animals you know!!
    @ecahnomics erdogan and the yooug prince shyt in Lebanon, whom killed his own father, belong to the same faction! also thats the order they’ve got

  5. Syria has no desire for equality or justice — So why get involved?

    Those who rule our Empire, with a vengeance are getting deep into the blood and guts of the Syria rebellion, as the creed of imperialism is insatiable, “There can be security only in expansion.”

    But, eliminate greed as a motivating factor, and it becomes clear as day, send billions to Syria and all it will do as inflate pride. And like Egypt, Afghanistan or Pakistan, it will just enslave the laboring-class all the more.

  6. Because the Washington Power-Elite policy makers have promised the Turks the influence of Turkey in the region before 1918 and in the 19th century.

    I'm serious.

    There have been a lot of articles about this.

  7. As I have tried to explain to antiwar.com Intervention has already taken place and Amerca and its European allies are already involved, it's just Plausible Deniability has not yet been abandoned.

    It is not support for Syria's "opposition" but a Destabilisation in which they are the Assets and paramilitaries fromed funded armed and trained by America.

    it is not possible the negotiate with Islamicist Jihadists and clearly a considerable section of Syrian public opinion recognise this.

    Apparantly this goes back to 2005.

    It is a Geostrategic initiative to control the Middle East, but is also the Neo-Cons favorite project – the One State Solution, possible if Syria is reduced to chaos.

  8. Mainstream media — Turkey fighter jet is innocent, Syrian anti-aircraft gun is evil

    Turkey has just announced that it’s F4 fighter jet was well inside the territorial waters of Syria, just 2,000 feet from shore, when Syrian anti-aircraft guns shot it down.

    So, Western corporate owned mainstream media, that which blocks all of reality from the entire Western world, it now supports the claim by Turkey that the pilot made a mistake, but refuses to except the claim by Syria that its gunners also made a mistake.

    Comes now a realization that, if and when the Western powers execute a no-fly zone over Syria, the very first thing they will do is bomb-kill all the anti-aircraft gunners in Syria.

  9. Al Jazeera
    “Jet fighter in international airspace… in Syrian waters”

    In the same paragraph would you believe, a classic controdiction by mainstream media that generates the maximum confusion. For if its within 20 miles of Syrian shores, then its Syrian airspace.

  10. Al Jazeera
    “Jet fighter in international airspace… in Syrian waters”

    In the same paragraph would you believe, a classic controdiction by mainstream media that generates the maximum confusion. For if its within 20 miles of Syrian shores, then its Syrian airspace.

  11. A self-evident fact, for Syrian anti-aircraft guns to shoot down a fighter jet in international waters, they would need to have a 20 mile range. A range which is ten times farther then any anti-aircraft gun can reach.

  12. John Glaser , another pro Assad propagandist, just can't trust anyone these days. I just lost respect for anti war radio.

  13. nonsense! Read his Syria articles. He is a Syria war monger. And he does this within a so-called antiwar portal. only to appear somewhat as antiwar man, he sometimes tries to appear as such, but he is the opposite. Just read my antiwar comments in my profile. Often they are directly related to fraud news Glaser had published on antiwar.

  14. What you said can be easily proofed:


  15. There have been a lot of articles about this.

  16. Great interview I'm big fan of john

  17. Great post i agree :D

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