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Will Grigg, blogger and author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses his article “Judicially Authorized Rape: The Newest Weapon in the Prohibitionist Arsenal;” the stories of three victims of forced catheterizing by the police; more evidence that cops are habitual liars and shouldn’t be trusted; two cops who were promoted instead of getting prison time for sexually assaulting Stephan Cook; the “qualified immunity” legal exemption for costume-wearing state employees who break the law; and how the US is like a prison environment writ large, where civilians are convicts and cops are prison guards.

MP3 here. (22:05)

Will Grigg writes the blog Pro Libertate and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.

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  1. Interesting. Very recently my son and his friend were stopped by cops (driving while black). They found a 3 inch pocket knife in the glove compartment and charged him for 'concealed weapon' (along with concealed road map ?). Anyway we ended up spending about 5 hours in arraignment court where literally hundreds of working class people are being charged with bogus misdemeanors – misdemeanors that carry a 6 month in jail and $1000 fine. I mean this has become a way of 'raking' the working class people of more of their hard-earned money so they can keep this police/elite class living the good life. It's not Justice it is Just Theft.

  2. Lawless enforcement

    High Society keeps 80% of wealth, add the rich ruling class and you have 90% of wealth, then add the educated middle-class and you have the voting majority, the 51% most wealthy who own all the wealth.

    So we have a forth of all the prisoners on earth locked up in our jails and prisons, so what? Are they not all of the lazy 49% uneducated laboring-class? Surely the best of all good, for are not all of the jobs in law enforcement frosting on the cake for the educated middle-class?

    I mean, is not the true definition of good, the ultimate conclusion of all good, a democracy where the voting majority maximize happiness by pursuing wealth, the whole wealth and nothing but wealth?

  3. What caused it? — How do we solve it?

    Will Grigg needs to include either the root cause or solution in any problem he is describing. For telling only the bloody effects of a problem, this does nothing but so stress a listener that they want to back away and let government do as it pleases with such corrupting problems.

  4. Law enforcement — Fulfilling an impossible contradiction

    The laws in America give rights only to property and protect only those who own property.

    And as the law allows you to hoard all the wealth your brains and sex appeal can muster, as such wealth, brains and sex appeal pass from father to son, the root cause of why the rich stay rich and “The poor you will always have with you,” the police see clear as day that to enforce such laws is the criminal behavior of legalized killers enforcing a police state.

    So, all of law enforcement is of the educated middle-class, they spend 95% of their time establishing a police state for young laboring men, and in the process totally destroy their conscience.

    1. Well, if you aren't even ready to enforce property rights as you see that as a bad thing, I suppose the gates to state-managed "freedom camps" with nice slogans on the entry portal are, so to say, wide open.

    Roger Lafontaine — "the working class… this police/elite class"

    High Society labors hard to out-smart and enslave the Country Club-class.

    Those golf club jockeys find the educated middle-class to be sucker-bait fools so easy to plunder.

    Those middle-speed thinkers, being too smart to ever do an honest day’s hard labor, and too dumb to ever be rich, they gleefully enrich themselves upon the misery of my laboring-class. And as their hero Paul Newman “The Hustler” would say,

    “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

  6. TO: El Tonno

    In this world everyone desires to take all they can take, so you need to enforce property rights.

    Whereas, in a world where no one desired to own property, where everyone desired to give all they could give, surely there would be no property rights to enforce, nor a state to do the enforcing.

    We have a right to own property, so long as it does not destroy the right of those less intelligent to own life. For owning life is more important then owning property.

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