Jason Ditz


Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the comical chronic legal problems of successive Pakistani prime ministers; the evolution of Boko Haram from a “loopy sect” to a US-designated international terrorist group; and the blowback from Nigeria’s military massacre of Boko Haram members (who quickly swapped their bows and arrows for machine guns).

MP3 here. (21:31)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

17 thoughts on “Jason Ditz”

  1. Godfather — Mr.10%

    Since the 1950’s when we first started handing a billion worth of bribes each year into the hands of anyone with rank or privilege, each President is referred to as Mr.10%. For all government contracts must be bribe-approved by him, with 90% of the 10% being passed on up to the rich nobility of High Society.

    For everyone in the upper half of Pakistan society must be bribed, for they have the undesirable task of enslaving the impoverished lower half in a nation where being wasted by starvation is the number one cause of death.

    And the same situation prevails in America, it’s called equal opportunity and the bribe is called a pay check. For 25% of children in America suffer hunger, all because only the slave drivers with an education are considered righteous and godly enough to be worthy of a living wage.

  2. If greed can pull it off — Otherwise its World War Three

    You want to enslave a people by money, then take away their wealth and they have no choice but be slaves to money.

    For Pakistan is the cutting edge and bleeding element in this global war against the lower half of society, a most deceitful war with a title of pure deceit, “War on Terrorism.”

    For in every nation on earth, the slave owners and their slave drivers comprise the 51% most wealthy voting majority, they hoard all the wealth and use it to keep the laboring-class lower half powerless and driven by hunger.

    Comes now the globule rich to downgrade half of the intelligent middle-class into the minimum wage hell of the laboring-class, which would shift an additional 10% of world wealth up into the hands of high society. A neat trick if greed can pull it off, but greed being driven by blind pride, most likely it will cause World War Three.

  3. Globule rich
    A glob of society with an insatiable desire for the power inherent in wealth, it being glued together by the illusion that the superior brains and sex appeal given to them by nature, somehow gives them god-like control over nature.

  4. Imran Khan for President of Pakistan. He would be the best choice but would probably get assassinated in the first week. I would love to see Antiwar radio do an interview with him.

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