Marjorie Cohn


Marjorie Cohn, Professor of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, discusses her article “Hope Dies at Guantanamo;” how the landmark Boumediene v. Bush SCOTUS decision on habeas corpus rights for Guantanamo prisoners became meaningless; and the DC Appeals Court’s invention of “presumption of regularity,” which asserts government infallibility and denies defendants a “meaningful opportunity” to contest their detentions.

MP3 here. (16:24)

Marjorie Cohn is a Professor of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and past president of the National Lawyers Guild. She is editor of The United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and Abuse.

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  1. “Presumption of regularity”

    Presumption that government is infallible, presumption that “The authorities that exist have been established by God… For rulers… God’s servant to do you.” Romans 13:1

    Problem is, the above translation of the original Greek scrolls, it is only man’s interpretation of what many consider the inspired word of God. And in my humble opinion, it is a totally corrupted translation of Scripture, such that it is the exact reverse of the true meaning.

  2. We deserve it — So let’s bomb to get it

    Excellent interviews such as this one should make our WEB site the most popular one in America. Problem is, we are the most wealthy nation in the history of mankind and the pride inherent in it makes us feel we deserve to plunder the natural resources of developing nations for a fraction of their true worth, in essence deserve to enrich ourselves upon the misery of fellow human beings.

    For what a man feels he deserves, this is his goal in life, his high watermark to achieve and it controls every aspect of his mind, character and personality.

  3. The elephant in the room is the violent crime that is prevalent in the black community.
    The black community will not address this so by default they identify with the high degree of violent and deadly crime. We can ignore it, but it ultimately will demand a price to be paid.
    We are seeing that now, why does our President align himself with criminal activity and not address the issue of the violence within the black community, he could do so much with his life rather than play politics.

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