Scott Horton Interviews Philip Giraldi

Scott Horton, June 26, 2012

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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his article “Terrorism Arithmetic;” the National Counter Terrorism Center’s annual Report on Terrorism, which statistically proves that Americans are more likely to be killed by televisions than terrorists; the political realities that push Democratic presidents toward ultraviolence (which Obama seems to really enjoy);¬†how international terrorists groups like al-Qaeda have given way to small franchises focused on local issues; the mainstream media’s better-late-than-never reporting on covert US support for Syrian regime change; and the self-perpetuating cycle of US foreign policy, where a new intervention is undertaken to fix a previous botched job, ad infinitum.

MP3 here. (29:16)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest.

22 Responses to “Philip Giraldi”

  1. Wisdom — To never repeat bad history

    In their last interview both Scott Horton and Tom Woods invoked the light of Old Testament prophets to prove their point. A valid argument surely, but keep in mind that the war-hawk prophets of the Old Testament were made obsolete by pacifist prophets of the New Testament. To prove the harm in bad history being what prophecy is all about

  2. What's Turkey's beef with Assad?

  3. Foreign policy USA = politician ego + corporate greed

    Trying to blame all the problems in our war economy on the knee jerk reactions of god-ego driven leaders of government, this leaves us blind to the reality that the multinational corporate rich keep on getting richer — and richer — and richer.

    For society USA is a closed-loop control system, and to presuppose that paid actor politicians have unlimited freedom to exercise a god-ego, this is a total blackout of a totally systemic problem. Namely, a conspiracy, where everyone in power appears to be acting independently, while being orchestrated from the top-down in perfect harmony.

    “A house divided against itself, how can it stand?”

  4. You are right Scott.

    No Republican president (puppet) could have gotten away with the stuff Obama (magic puppet) has been able to do.

    NDAA – ObamaCare – Drone Strikes – Death Lists (no charges no trial no lawyer no evidence bang you're dead – if you're at a wedding or funeral you're dead – trade agreements that supersede US law – no pursuit of the criminals (0 criminal charges) against the banks who are robbing the whole of society – environmental regulation gutted and the list goes on and on.

    Obama or Romney – I'll take you into a barn and nail your testicals to a table and then set the barn on fire leaving you with an axe – how do you want to die?

  5. Great interview Scott. You totally nailed it. The elites' stroke of genius was having a sock puppet like Obama at the helm…… totally neutralized the Left……………..still does???

    Surprised Mr. Giraldi voted for Obama? Smart man…………wasn't he paying attention before the election?

    Lastly, comment made in the interview about how our actions are creating instability in that region. My question is…."isn't that the plan?" Ensures an endless enemy and keeps our imperial agenda moving forward.

  6. A house divided against itself, how can it stand?

    They didn't use parged styrofoam construction when somebody first asked that question. It's good looking, durable and lasts it's lifetime – about 20 years. It will stand under most non-tornado conditions.

  7. The above quote was made in response to the Pharisees claim that the Teacher was doing miracles of good, only because he had been given by Satan the power of evil.

    Likewise, after Obama has been hand-picked and campaign funded by the corporate rich, to say that Obama’s actions are not benefiting the rich, this has about as much logic as saying, “If you saw a house in two, it will be better then new.”

  8. Make me rich — Do it fast

    Yes, and do not most voters fully realize that Obama is the best money maker for the corporate rich among all the puppets that they hand-picked for the White House? For most all voters feel that they deserve to be rich, and like electing a billionaire mayor to rule New York City, they want government USA to be the best fast-track for getting rich the world has ever known.

  9. Very true, and this is why the highest priority of this WEB site should be to amplify on why our Empire does so love to make body parts of cute little babies.

  10. I think the link says what most people think…mick

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