Scott Horton Interviews Adam Morrow

Scott Horton, June 27, 2012

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IPS News journalist Adam Morrow discusses how Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi’s presidential victory averted a crisis in Egypt; the Egyptian military’s continued supremacy, as the parliament remains dissolved and the national constitution unfinished; valid suspicions that Egypt’s prominent Islamists could have ties to the CIA; Washington’s fear that Egypt is developing an independent foreign policy; and why Israel might not dare carry out another Operation Cast Lead rampage in Gaza.

MP3 here. (21:21)

Adam Morrow writes for Inter Press Service News Agency.

12 Responses to “Adam Morrow”

  1. Last Thursday the NYT reported that the CIA was using the Muslim Brotherhood as their conduit to funnel arms to Syrian rebels.

    As Scott said in this interview: It's a small (neo-con) world, ain't it?

    I'm glad Egyptians are relived by Morsi’s presidential victory but I fear that there has been a serious rollback of their revolution in the last few weeks but I join them in hoping for a brighter Egyptian future.

  2. Fox in charge of the hen house — Egypt’s perpetual problem

    President Morsi has millions, maybe a billion or two even, so where is the logic in a total blackout on that parameter of the equation? For to surmise what a man may do in the future, without a handle on what is his wealth and how his actions may impact that wealth, surely an exercise in pure futility.

    For the Muslim Brotherhood is a professional organization for the rich, ruled by the richest of the rich, which means that the new President will do absolutely nothing to harm corporate profits or excessive wealth.

    For the fox is still in charge of the hen house in Egypt, as Mubarak was a puppet controlled by the rich ruling class, the 25% most wealth, Morsi a wealthy member of High Society and if you think it’s fun to live on $3.40 a day minimum wage, then you need to talk to any and all of those in the lower half of Egyptian society.

  3. Sounds like it's time to bring Honest-to-God Capitalism to Egypt.

    (1) President Morsi shall be the Obama of Egypt. Promise to change everything but change nothing, promise to help the enslaved workers but only gratify the slave-drivers.

    (2) Egypt could easily open the gates to Gaza, supply them with electricity and save those who are dying of illness. But it will not.

    (3) The graft and greed that flows between Egypt and Israel, natural gas at half-price that sort of thing, it will get worse, and worse, and worse.

  5. “Honest-to-God Capitalism”

    “Who are the poor?
    “But even if we focus on the bottom 10 percent or 20 percent of Americans, it would still be difficult to identify who the poor are”

    (1) The poor are the 25% of children who live in the wealthiest Empire the world has ever known, and yet suffer malnutrition.

    (2) Empire USA by brutal imperialism has plundered a fourth of all the wealth on earth, yet the lower half of our society lives on minimum wage and owns more debt than wealth.

    (3) The fake morality that controls the mind, character and personality of mainstream America, this is the illusion that everyone has the identical IQ of 100, and that it is good to enrich ourselves upon the misery of the uneducated laboring class, as God punishes those who are so lazy.

  6. For to be “Honest to God,” one must be grateful for life, and prove it by not enriching yourself upon the misery of another fellow human’s life.

  7. Big words but small actions — Politician with corrupt ambitions

    All of the Mubarak appointed judges that just abolished the Congress that the people elected, President Morsi allowed himself to be sworn in by them, in submission to the command of the military junta. Moral coward that he be, millionaire seeking his first billion that he be.

    Comes now Morsi to give a big speech claiming he has big support for big Palestine, when he should have called for a nationwide march to little Gaza and then torn down one little gate. For better a man who does little, then one who does nothing after promising to do everything.

  8. Always good to hear Adam Morrow… and really, not everything that happens in the Middle East should be seen as a CIA operation…

  9. Egypt is very good country ……!

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  11. Always good to hear Adam Morrow… and really, not everything that happens in the Middle East should be seen as a CIA operation…

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