Zooey Greif Interviews Winslow T. Wheeler

Zooey Greif, June 27, 2012

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Winslow Wheeler, director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information, discusses his article “The Jet That Ate the Pentagon;” the large portion of procurement money earmarked for the F-35; why single-purpose planes are better and cheaper than multipurpose ones; and the price/performance penalty inherent in stealth aircraft.

MP3 here. (20:32)

Winslow Wheeler is director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information. Previously, he worked for 31 years on national security issues for Republican and Democratic senators on Capitol Hill and for the Government Accountability Office. He is editor of the anthology The Pentagon Labyrinth: 10 Short Essays to Help You Through It.

32 Responses to “Winslow T. Wheeler”

  1. It also ate a few pilots, no?

  2. …and more efficient killing machines are important & vital interests of antiwar how, again?

    “And more efficient killing machines are important & vital interests of antiwar?”

    You bet your sweet bippy, for our self-absorbed public has no conscience and so far we have had zero success motivating them to give up their brutal imperialism and wars for plunder by appealing to their better nature.

    So, as corruption totally destroys the efficiency of any organization, this interview did an outstanding job of pointing out that a democratic Empire is a dichotomy that totally destroys any hope of efficiency, it being all wealth and political power hoarded by the 51% most wealthy.

  4. As corruption totally destroys the efficiency of any organization, this interview did an outstanding job of pointing out that a democratic Empire is a dichotomy, a contradiction in and of itself, that totally destroys any hope of efficiency, it being all wealth and political power hoarded by the 51% most wealthy.

  5. Hi! I am Canadian and listened to your program, disusing the F35. Canada has been planning to buy F35s against sighting the same arguments. I really appreciate hearing these points of failure as I have thought that the F35 would be a pig in the skies. My hope is that more Canadians can listen to this program and get a better view of the associated problems… Canada simply cannot afford headaches like this… Thank you :-)

  6. A lady expert was Interviewed here recently who claimed that the F35 was making pilots seriously ill, and her recommendation was that the problem be resolved by testing, instead of putting pilots in harm’s way.

    Air for the pilot to breath comes from the engine intake and they suspect that the stealth coating may be putting harmful elements into the air.

    My thought is, it may not be what their putting into the air, but what their taking out. For fresh outdoor air has living energy, such as endorphins, that stale indoor air does not have.

  7. They say its ten times more healthy to exercise outdoors then indoors.

  8. Too bad your English is so bad. You might actually have something to say.

  9. Dear military please please listen to me, when you build a hybrid you do not get a do-all you get a do-nothing.

  10. thats the F22 not the F35 and you are thining of Dina Rasor

  11. Too good that my English is so good, as it exposes your true intent which is to destroy the place.

  12. Thanks. And that begs the question, why did Wheeler jump from the F16 to the F35 and say not a word about all our jet fighters in-between?

    “The candy man can… so delightful and delicious… he satisfies your wildest wishes”

    Think about it, is not government giving the mainstream majority what their heart desires above all things, a fast-track to wealth and glory?

    High Society, those born with the best brains and body beautiful, do they not hoard 80% of our wealth?

    Country Club-class, all those politicians, executives, administrators and bankers, are they not glorified to the maximum that their brains and sex appeal can muster?

    Educated middle-class, the 40% too smart to ever do an honest day’s hard manual labor, but too dumb to ever be rich, do they not slave-drive the entire lower half of society, and in so doing get all the free sex their heart desires?

  14. The F-14 Tomcat was the finest long range fighter plane ever built – at a cost of $14 million – but – deemed 'too costly to maintain'.
    So – the F-35 and F-22 are being built at – some $400 million per plane – and they are death traps to the pilots.
    Got to keep the 'military-industrial complex' fed – even if the weapons being built are too ostly are worthless.

  15. Illness insurance — Greatest corruption that ever destroyed the moral fabric of America

    Michael Moore
    “So, yes, the (Obama healthcare) bill is highly flawed and somewhat wrong-headed – but what it IS – is a huge step in the right direction. And today's court decision cements that.”

    Michael bless his darling heart, he is a bit overweight showing that he has a food addiction problem, showing that he desires to enrich himself upon my misery by forcing me to buy health insurance that will more enable him to enjoy his addiction.

  16. Dina Rasor stated here that the F35 will, over its lifetime, be the world's first billion dollar airplane.

  17. A thousand million per plane, a trillion for a thousand planes, surely if our Empire goes bankrupt before the world expires in a convulsion, we shall be bond slaves to the multinational rich for generations unto generations.

  18. How about a foreign policy that ate the pentagon? Monstrosities like the F-22 and the F-35 would not need to be devised were it not for an asylum states of amerika foreign policy that says to the world: You either do what we say, how we say, and when we say, OR BE DESTROYED………………

  19. They thought they could order up a missile-proof fighter with more range than the f-16 and a gun like the A-10 so they'd never have to figure out where to deploy anything. They'd just park these things all around the world and never be threatened. Must be fun selling to a goober like that.

  20. Root cause of Empire — A fake morality — “All men are created equal”

    For if we were created with an equal right to own wealth, giving us equal political power, then why do those living in mansions all have genius intelligence? And why do the permanent lifetime homeless lack the intelligence to earn a living wage? Surely such a concept is brainwash.

    For what a loveless existence it would be if everyone earned equal wealth, for then it would be impossible to experience the four greatest emotions in the human body, compassion, pity, charity and gratitude. For love is a giving action that produces a grateful response.

    For such brainwash is the root cause of why we live in a mutual gratification society, with everyone giving gifts only to those in their class expecting equal in return. For High Society hoards 80% of wealth, the Country Club-class and Educated Middle-class each hoard 10% of wealth and the lower half of society is kept impoverished for the sole purpose of keeping it powerless.

  21. John Ellis it could be because in fact there are no Jet fighters in between, the F15 came before the F16 which are still being built in various forms for other countries, the F18 in its two sizes are used at least by the US exclusively in the Navy or Marines. The F22 doesnt count because it is as bad as the F35 .

  22. TO: the lion

    Not that Wheeler failed to do a super job of enlightening us, his interview being priceless. Just to say, perfectionist that I be, that what you just stated he should have said at the start of interview.

  23. Jimmy Stewart — Crown Prince of the U.S. Air Force

    When the B52 bomber first came out, Jimmy Stewart was the top-gun and star actor in all of Hollywood, so quite natural was it for him to play the part of a test pilot in a most majestic movie about this killing machine that could make 10,000 body parts in a single bombing run. And the philharmonic crescendos as it soared above the white fluffy clouds, dumbfounding most stupefying to say the least.

    Jimmy joined the U.S. Air Force Reserves, and instantly they made him a Major. Such is the glory of Hollywood, with all its fiction, fantasy and fairytales that make our Empire the king of thought control.

  24. Not quite, John. Stewert was drafted sometime before Pearl Harbor, later entering the USAAF. He flew many several missions over Europe during WWII. After the war he stayed active in the USAF reserves.

  25. I was disappointed at the thoughtless adoption of "military speak" by the guest. What does it mean when he says that one of those stealth bombers is "survivable"? Does that mean if it tries to kill you by bombing you that chances are it will miss and you'll survive? I can't stand the way those Pentagon morons twist language, and it doesn't help when nobody is there to de-miytify it.

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