Scott Horton Interviews Jacob Hornberger

Scott Horton, June 30, 2012

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Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses his article “Needed: A National Debate on U.S. Support of Dictatorships;” the 1953 CIA-supported coup in Iran, leading to the hostage crisis, 1979 Islamic Revolution, and poor relations to this day; the US-supplied Iraqi weapons of mass-destruction; the conditional US anti-dictator policy (cooperative dictators needn’t fear regime-change); why Americans may finally be catching on to the War on Terrorism farce; and cutting the federal budget by eliminating aid to foreign dictators.

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Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is a regular writer for The Future of Freedom Foundation’s publication, Freedom Daily, and is a co-editor or contributor to the eight books that have been published by the Foundation.

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  1. CIA –> Mobutu Sessesseko (ZAIRE) 32 years after killing Patrice Lumumba
    CIA –> Kills Kwame Khrumah in GHANA
    CIA –> Jonas Savimbi in Angola – 26 years – 1 million deaths in exchange of diamond
    CIA –> MOSSAD -> John Garang in Sudan – 21 years – 2.5 million deaths
    CIA –> Suharto in Indonesia – 32 years
    CIA –> Pinochet in Chile – 17 years — tens of thousands of missing!!!

    Should I continue? No because I don't want to spend my day going through this!!!
    Good bye.

  2. You could list all the terrorist/sepratist governments/movements the US supports.

  3. Greed from start to finish — Greed from birth to death

    Just look at Jahbulon's long list of dictators installed by a CIA coup, not to mention Venezuela, Haiti, Honduras and over a hundred more. So, how can anyone be so hostile to the light as to say that our voting majority is totally ignorant of the reality that:

    (1) They are the 51% most wealthy in America

    (2) They own all the wealth in America.

    (3) They own a fourth of all the wealth on earth.

    (4) They keep the uneducated lower half of America impoverished, not to improve the economy, but to keep the laboring-class out of politics and powerless.

    Jacob Hornberger
    "If we had not destroyed the Iran government with a coup and installed the Shah dictatorship, they would have a nice (Western) democratic regime in Iran today.”

    Because Iran has a moral democracy, it refused to allow the Green Party to create a “nice (Western) democratic regime,” one where the 51% most wealthy used the voting process to enslave the uneducated lower half of society

    For democracy in Iran is not controlled by the people, as a selfish desire to be rich has virtually all of the people, as Iran has a moral fourth branch of government called the Supreme Leader.

  5. As long as a brutal, dictatorial regime is under the U.S. Government's thumb–hey, no sweat. That regime can do whatever it wants to its people.

    But if the regime in question is hostile to the U.S. and/or Israel, look out. . . .

  6. please bring into the discussion why the US intervenes in so many countries, we are always told National Security how about
    1) satisfy the rabid demands of special interest politics ….hello AIPAC and other pro-Israeli lobbies
    2) secure natural resources for the US PRIVATE SECTOR, i.e cheap oil and minerals for the MIC through our favorite corporations, the people do not share in the booty just a hand full of insiders
    3) access to markets, i.e sell corrupt governments weapons they don't need; force corrupt governments to establish concessions for coke, pepsi, ford, blah, blah
    where in any of the above to the people of the US benefit from this insane policy.
    last I checked all we do is pay for it, several times over.
    please vote out all chowderheads in government who support this madness

  7. Listen to meathead Duane Clarridge defend empire in John Pilger's "war on Deomcoracy"

    Duane Ramsdell "Dewey" Clarridge, born 1932, was an operations officer for the United States Central Intelligence Agency and supervisor for more than 30 years. He became known in the mid-1980s for his role in the Iran-Contra Affair. He planned the clandestine mining of Nicaragua's harbors during the Nicaraguan Revolution. He was the founding director of the CIA Counterterrorist Center and was actively engaged in operation Glaudio.

  8. In December 1989 the US Army killed about 6,000 unarmed civilians in Panama City. Some years ago the FBI archive was opened and it was revealed that the FBI killed Jorge Eliecer Gaitan and a civil war that killed about ½ mio people was the result. What about Fallujah, birth defects are worse than in Hiroshima because of depleted uranium. And the US Army kidnapped small boys and their mothers in Iraq. Then they raped the boys and forced their mothers to watch while it was filmed by a female soldier. They are worse than the Nazis. The SS and Gestapo couldn´t have done that. They were nice people compared to the evil Americans. They got that right: The US IS The Great Satan.

  9. Terrorism is OK so long as your on OUR payroll and terrorize the targets WE don't like.
    Examples the US backs or has backed

    The Zia ul-Haq in Pakistan,
    The Mujahideen of Afghanistan,
    Abu Qurah in Jordan,
    The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
    MEK (Mujahadeen e-Kalk) in Iraq
    Jundullah South Pakistan
    FSA Syria and this is a number of groups

    And then the US supports the government in the Republic of Yemen despite its election only having one name on the ballot.
    (ROY) Hadi North Yemen, the US claims to be supporting the government in a fight against "al qaeda" the reality this is still the unresolved conflict between North and South Yemen from their civil war from 94. There was even a secession movement as recently as 2007 but all of that history you see is ignored. Why acknowledge the civil war (almost exclusively fought in the South) or a secession movement when it's much easier to just scream Al Qaeda and support the puppets. They love the simplistic GI Joe narrative of we are good they are bad, its us vs Al Qaeda. :roll:

    But you see its not terrorism when WE do it, and anyone opposing us is either Al Qaeda if it is not a government or the infamous "Next Hitler" if it is a government.

    The US also supported the Turkish government even while it was in the middle of ethnically cleanings Kurds, and of course the US supports the Israeli government even as it ethnically cleanses Palestinians. In Uzbekistan the US can support a leader who has both boiled alive and frozen to death his opposition. In Burma the tyrant can hold the elected leader in jail and run ruck-shop. But none of that matters. Most Americans don't even know where those places are.

  10. The most dangerous dictatorship in the world is the corporate fascist oligarchy that rules the American Empire

  11. We cannot expect the public to help us end the war on Iran if we badmouth their Muslim democracy. For though hypocrisy is ingrained in the human psychic, public hypocrisy in the full light of day is a cause destroyer for sure.

  12. Empire USA — Who rules?

    (1) High Society, the corporate rich, they own 80% of America’s wealth, so they rule.

    (2) Zionists, those who fund the Jewish lobby that hand picks all those paid actors called Congress, they rule.

    (3) The voting majority, 51% most wealthy in America who own all the wealth of America, they rule as evidenced by their being the only ones with great jobs, terrific homes and deluxe healthcare.

    (4) All three of the above bless their darling hearts, so greedy that they be.

  13. When FDR was told that Stalin was a brutal dictator, his response was _ "but he's our dictator" – and thus the US has been supporting brutal dictators ever since.

  14. There is a deadly force connection between Israel and Palestine, and all the bloodguilt is upon the voters of Israel. For 99% of that deadly force is Israel’s munitions exploding in Palestine.

  15. There is a deadly force connection between Israel and Palestine, and all the bloodguilt is upon the voters of Israel. For 99% of that deadly force is Israel’s munitions exploding in Palestine.

  16. Hey LoneWolfWarrior lets hope there are 1000 thousand of you. Each with a target list. Each with ability to take out a criminal. The current equation has the bad guys in control. They gloat at their great luck. They despise our existence. They plan our demise. They are drunk from overconfidence and arrogance. They do not fear us. We must introduce fear into the equation. We must make them look over their shoulders. We must make them loose trust in their lackey. We must make them quarrel among themselves. We must shake their confidence to the point that their lackeys abandon ship and try to join the other side. We must make them experience, breathe and taste fear, ONE RANDOM CRIMINAL AT A TIME.

  17. But surely you mean ever since 1776, for our slave owning Founding Fathers gave us a most perfect Constitution and then proceeded to genocide away the indigenous natives of America, continuing their rich nobility dictatorship just as if there was no Constitution.

  18. Those more intelligent — How they sucker us into war

    richard braverman
    “let’s hope there are 1000 thousand of you… Each with ability to take out a criminal… the bad guys in control.”

    Above is a most intelligent man with excessive wealth, so to protect his wealth he comes here to we his enemies and encourages us to engage in mortal combat those more intelligent who enslave us, knowing that pure futility will engulf us.

    For only by organization and achieving support from the majority that will give us victory over those most intelligent who rule in a world controlled by deadly force.

    For only by organization and achieving support from the majority, only that will give us victory over those most intelligent who rule in a world controlled by deadly force.

  20. .
    You are absolutely correct.
    Lets meet at the Peace Rally
    Maybe we can sing Kumbaya, after we all hold hands and watch the sunset.
    That will fix things.

  21. [...] Scott Horton Interviews Jacob Hornberger (audio) Antiwar Radio [...]

  22. I agree with the principles stated here. We would be better off economically & in terms of national security if we adopted a "Mind Our Own Business" foreign policy, similar to Switzerland's ideals. We are now going beyond just simply supporting dictatorships; we need to confront the fact that the US is supporting al-Quaida, the same organization which reportedly killed more than 3000 Americans in NYC. Isn't America suspicious now: how exactly do Hillary and the neocons manage to get along so very well with al-Quaida in Syria, and with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (also affiliated with al-Quaida), and why did we allow al-Quaida to gain influence in Libya? "We need to stop turning the ratchet to the Right now!" The problem is more complicated that a partisan "left vs. right" dilemma. In terms of pro-war policy, Hillary & Kerry are the same as Wolfowitz & Perle. And, these days many GOP realize that the wars are just a waste of money.

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  25. Articolo molto interessante… di sicuro non sempre i soliti consigli triti e ritriti… grazie per lo spunto.

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