Scott Horton Interviews Scott Horton

Scott Horton, July 05, 2012

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Scott says goodbye to

MP3 here. (1:50)

Scott Horton is the former host of Antiwar Radio. Visit his blog Stress.

Update: Scott’s fund-drive is now in full swing, with monthly subscriptions now available as well as one time donations. Please help keep Scott on the air!

Update II: Do not despair! The Scott Horton Show is still on the Liberty Radio Network Monday-Friday 12-3 eastern time and KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles 6:30-7:00 Pacific time Friday evenings.

Full interview archives (more than 2500 of them) are at, and full show archives are at

140 Responses to “Scott Horton”

  1. Scott, deep appreciations for what you have done so far.

    Wish you all the best.

  2. WTF!!!

  3. Damn… Thanks for the amazing work, and hopefully your great podcast will continue in one form or another. You are the best interviewer in foreign policy matters.

  4. I have listened to you for years, Scott, and hate to see you go.

    I wish you the best, man. Take care.

  5. I ve been your fun for some time now and saddens me that you ‘re leaving Antiwar.I hope we will be able to follow you where ever you might be.By the way. I am from Nigeria.
    Wish you all the best in your new en devour.Bye

  6. Scott, thank you so much for all of your interviews and commentaries. I will miss seeing them posted here. No one else in mass media has the insight you displayed on a daily basis, and no one outside of Jon Stewart displayed your level of snark. I will follow whatever future endeavors you may have. Good luck.

  7. Thank you, Scott. It’s so sad to see you leave, your interviews were the main reason I visited this website. I’ll follow the new show and try to help out with donations.

  8. Oh Scott, I'm devastated…you and your show are most valued…and appreciated.

  9. I'm at lost. I've relied on your show for years to get my knowledge about world politics and state of affairs. Now I really don't know where to turn to. I hope you can continue to do what you do best. I'm, or was, a donor. I'll pay a subscription if I do it Scott. Go to a Freemium model like many of talk radio are doing these days.

  10. You're my daily bread, friend! Your due diligence, passion for liberty, determination to get it told the way it is, unfailing self-deprecating candor, intelligence and good humor–all in the cause of the simplest justice of them all, anti-war truth–make you impossible to let go. We'll hunt you down wherever your voice still rises. Best wishes!!

  11. I’d be lying if I said anything less than I’m very, very disappointed about this.
    Like many (most?) people, I have a lot more time to listen, than to read. If not for Scott having been here with his show, I highly doubt I would have ever accumulated enough information to end up being absolutely against the empire and ALL its foreign wars like I now am. Now that opportunity of seems lost to others, and that’s incredibly sad to me.
    This in no way means I’m upset with the decision of Lack of funds requires hard choices at times. But man, I am so damned pissed that the war pigs have scored another HUGE victory here.

    Love ya Scott. You changed my understanding of the very meaning of life – for the infinitely better.
    Thank You.


  12. “When one door closes another door opens ….” – Alexander Graham Bell –

    The rest of the quote isn't applicable.

    Looking forward to hearing you again soon, Scott.


  13. God damn it! I'm going to miss you Scott! You've been one of my most important standbys. I knew that if something major had happened in US foreign policy you'd have a timely guest on like Patrick Cockburn on Iraq or Gareth Porter on Iran & the IAEA. This is truly a devastating loss.

    Good luck man, and hope we hear from you soon!

  14. Damn what sad news… The best foreign policy/politics show on the air in any medium. Thanks to Scott I was introduced to Gareth, Glenn, Pepe and others. Because of AWR I gave a large (for yours truly) donation to I'll gladly support your next endeavour .

    Good luck Scott and may the wind always be at your back.

  15. Suggestion — Have listeners pay to submit questions?

    Scott has such famous guest speakers, would not listeners love to ask them some really tough questions to get their point across?

    $50 for three questions, listener submits questions for Scott to ask when payment is made by credit card.

  16. Listener ask questions — On the fly

    Listeners could open a credit card account with Scott, then when a guest speakers says something controversial, then by Email or Twitter a listener could pin the speaker down.

  17. This is terrible.

  18. meanwhile Glenn Beck gets a $100 million radio contract. Heaven help us :(

  19. Ughh no way!

  20. Man that was kind of sudden. Good luck in the future.

  21. Scott I love you man! I listen to every show you do and I'm so grateful for everything that I have learned by tuning in. I had no idea that was in some dire straits financially, else I would have stepped up. Get things settled with the website move and you can count on me for financial support in the future. The stuff you and your guests talk about and the articles that are posted here are too important not to continue. Stay free and stay smart, and above all else please stay in the business of keeping me from being a sheep. Thanks a million!

  22. Thanks so much for enriching my life. A true delight. Wish you luck man.

  23. This is a huge loss. Thank you so much for your commitment to the people and events beyond the media blackout. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope you get back on the air pronto.

  24. Wolf Blitzer gets everything wrong and Scott Horton gets everything right and Horton gets laid off??

    Best of luck in the struggle with the media octopus.

  25. Thanks for your great interviews and great efforts at keeping tract of the Israeli Lobby's machinations

    You will be missed. Hopefully can come up with a replacement that will advance the cause

  26. Awww, this sucks! What the Hell How can you let this go? This is the only part of the site that's reliably multimedia. How can this not draw people in?

    Scott, there's got to be a better way to market your show. Work the phones and email and get sponsors. Not sure how high your overhead is, but you got to get some banner ads on your site. Figure out your prices, write up a rate card and then email that to potential sponsors. I gotta think there's a market for this.

  27. This guy changed my life by increasingly informing it. I will be listening in the future.

  28. This seems like a huge mistake by Scott's selection of high-quality guests, his erudition (by comparison to which most people conducting foreign policy interviews are kindergartners) and his unique interviewing style have made this program world-class. When I listen to other interviews on the same subjects they seem like pabulum by comparison. To think I used to find NPR substantive., you don't know what you have here. You should be promoting it, not canceling it. I realize you may not have the budget for everything, but why throw out the crown jewel?

  29. I am shocked.

    This show has become my go to source for infomation, as I don't always have time to read all the articles it covers.

    And what have all these fund raising activities been about if they haven't included the cost of maintaining antiwar radio?

    I for one would be perfectly happy ro pay a subscription fee for Scott's podcasts. They are invaluable and I personalyl don't know what I will do without them.

    Please – have a fund raising drive just for Scott's radio program. I think you'll find that traffic to your web site is going to suffer becasue of this unfortunate descision.

  30. NOOOOOooooo!

    Scott, you are THE BEST radio host out there.
    I don't mean that in any suckup political way. I'm talking raw talent, man you have it.
    Your voice, interview style, and knowledge…it's such a freaking amazing combo.

    Will follow your next moves closely and support any way I can.

  31. "Wolf Blitzer gets everything wrong…"

    Quite literally.

    CNN's Wolf Blitzer Jeopardy Fail -$4600

  32. Talk about some damn sad news. Scott you can't stop. I will throw a good monthly donation your way. I don't have tons of money, but you are worth more than a few dollars a month to me.

  33. What the hell?!!! Scott's radio show is my favorite part about! You can't get rid of him!

    How was the cost not included in the recent fundraiser? What the hell did I contribute money for?!!!

    If needs be, do like others have suggested and have a fundraiser just for this. To me, Scott is the voice of

    Seriously, just tell us what we gotta do!

  34. While not sharing Scott's libertarian beliefs, I have become a big fan of his interviewing style. Scott has an superb knowledge of the issues, events and people and the ability to zero in on key questions. He makes the hacks, puppets and suckholes of the 'mainstream' media world look like…well, like hacks, puppets and suckholes. For such they are.

    All the best with whatever the future holds.

  35. dismayed, management has not shared with us such an unthinkable rearrangement was being conceived and how we could help rather then standby. I hope the management are aware of a better alternative.

    whether in substance or style, obviously some big donor has been rankled by SH bold intellect. Is there a better de-coder of complex events available. lets hope this a temporary shakeup. Stay real Scott.

  36. Thanks so much, Scott. The US aims to replace MAD with Disarming First-Strike Capability according to missile engineer Bob Aldridge The US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously according to Bob Aldridge. Professor J Edward Anderson, "Deployment of anti-missile missiles in Eastern Europe is part of a first-strike strategy." The warheads on Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 are designed to minimize nuclear winter effects if used against missile silos according to Professor Paul Rogers. GPS (Navstar) was made to hit Russian missile silos accurately. The missiles will be operational by 2018. This leads to Launch On Warning by 2017 and increased risk of Accidental Nuclear War.

  37. Unbelievable :O This was the best news radio online. Thanks a lot Antiwar for warning us that you were going to do this. Oh wait, you didn't. Not impressed.

  38. Scott Horton is going to be missed.

  39. Amen to that.

    I can't always sit down and read what Phil Giraldi, Gareth Porter, Pepe Escobar, the 'other' Scott Horton and the sundry other members of the informed and sane community.

    But Scott has been there to keep us up to speed with what's going on.

    A dark day indeed.

  40. Sorry to see you go Scott, and a sad loss for You are appreciated.

  41. What a terrible loss. I have never learned as much about the true state of the world as I have done by listening to your *excellent* interviews. Liberty has been struck a blow.

    A listener from Glasgow, Scotland

  42. I'm a big fan of yours. Sad to see you leave good luck.

  43. This sucks- hopefully they find a way to bring you back man. This program is my favorite thing on the internet.

  44. I learned so much from your show, listened to the whole thing for years. Thanks for everything Scott.

  45. Scott, like the rest of the reality based world have to suffer with getting less no matter how good it seems. That's cold comfort but the truth.

  46. WHAT?! NO! should make other cuts at other places. The show was the only reason I came to the site or donated. It is a perfect format so I can listen to it while working or driving.

    I seriously hope the antiwar guys reconsider and reinstate antiwar radio. Now with the show gone there is no reason for me to visit the site any more :(

  47. Yep, the show was the only reason I came to the site or donated. Shame they are going to can it.

  48. Scott,

    I will miss this show greatly and profoundly. It was such a valuable show to me and it certainly is BETTER THAN ANYTHING I HEAR ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

    All The Best Scott—Take care and keep up the great work!!!

  49. Scott Horton’s show was the only reason I visited’s site, and thus might read some of the articles. It’s a serious mistake to cut this excellent, unique show. When cuts are necessary in hard economic times, it’s foolish (perhaps underhanded) to cut people that make your site more valuable, because, without Scott, will lose support and readership. The death of antiwar radio could mean the slow death of your site. Indeed, where has all the supporter funding gone towards, if not also to keep the very likes of Scott Horton on the air? This is an egregious error that the gods will regret.

  50. I'll miss this show. I hope you are up and running again somewhere soon.

  51. Your work will be greatly missed Scott, hope to continue to follow your work, many thanks for all the knowledgeable insights, Eamon.

  52. You are the best. How can Antiwar afford to let you go? I haven't missed a show since early 2007 and you've changed my life. Please keep it up somehow. Your talent is irreplaceable in the antiwar movement. Best of luck to you and Larissa.

  53. A motley crew — A motley crew to say the least

    Looking at all 43 of the names of those posting on this WEB page, only one name do I recognize. Which means that 42 of them give no moral support to Scott Horton whatsoever, not so much as a brief comment to show that Scott had strong support from a large following.

  54. already making you a banner for both site and will put it on antineocons

  55. This is just heartbreaking!
    Your crystalline focus and your enormously humanistic sensibilities served as a sanity-sustaining vitamin regimen that I'd come to depend on in a most profound way. When I find myself drifting into that dreary place, where all seems lost and our future utterly without hope, your spirit and intellect and those of your extraordinary guests would lift my soul. I somehow knew that I wasn't really alone, and I knew that I was somehow in best company imaginable.
    How can any of us ever really thank you, dear Scott?
    Please…keep on keeping on, as we used to say!
    With deep respect and admiration. -TT

  56. People, instead of being sad that Scott is gone from AWC let us help make sure his independent show stays online. This does not have to be the end of it or even a particularly sad event, if we don't let it become such.

    This goes particularly for all of you who said Antiwar Radio was your favorite part of AWC. You have the opportunity now to support specifically this show that has been your favorite part of this great site.

  57. Scott, your effort to further the cause of peace is commendable. I am certainly saddened by the news.

    Chin up and chest out bro, you service to our country is as commendable as any man who's fired a weapon. This aggression will not stand!

  58. As with everybody else, I´m shocked. Your interviewing style is original, the way you have guests conform or not with a statement you make clears up confusion about the subject. You put everything on a friendly basis, like two friends talking about something exciting. Sometimes I´ll listen to an interview, one where I´m not truly interested in the subject, but find myself fascinated and learning even more. You sound so young, yet have the knowledge of six 80 years old, off the top of your head. You are very professional, and extremely dynamic.

    If I hear about you popping up someplace else, I´ll jump right in to listen to you again, my friend.

  59. I'm thinking Anti-War might be in trouble next fundraiser. If I have any to spare, it's going to Scott. Like everyone else, he's the draw at Anti-war. Dumb move…

  60. Say it ain't so!

  61. I think it's probably too late, but that would have been a great idea.

  62. Really sorry to hear this – AWC must be in serious trouble to let Scott go.

  63. Great job Scott. Will really miss you and the show. I sincerely hope that something works out. We need you.

  64. this show is the most important part of the site I believe at least for me. I've been listening to it for years… I will still come to the site, but it won't be the same and if you do a new show please do a podcast/mp3 archive for it so can continue to listen and learn.

  65. Oh my godddddddddddddddddddd,


    You've been a constant companion, listening and learning. Every morning on my way to work I download the latest podcasts.

    Heart wrenching . The big pro-war media conglomerates roling in millions and millions, and we cannot even afford to keep a humble show the antiwar radio podcast going.

    Best of luck man. You've been the best. Best of luck

  66. Oh no. I love this show. I am so much wiser now because of it. Thanks Scott for all the hard work!!!

  67. Scott,

    I wanted to thank you for some of the best interviews I have heard anywhere. You always asked excellent questions (or at least I thought they were excellent because I wanted to ask the same thing). Your knowledge of world history is quite impressive, and were there any justice in the world, you would be a tenured professor at an Ivy league university. Instead, students at elite schools have to learn NOT to see what is really going on.

    I wish you the very best.

  68. If you donated to in the last fundraiser primarily because of Scott's show can you get your money back?

  69. First WFNX in Boston, now this?! I don't know what to believe in anymore… good luck Scott, you taught us so much!

  70. If let Scott go I might consider cutting my tie to anti-war. Scott was the most knowledgeable
    e interviewer I have aver heard and his guest were all serious experts in their respective areas which is so unlike any mainstream media show with the same old "so called experts" who knew little of the real world.

  71. [...] Update: One last awc podcast. [...]

  72. Scott, I've learned more from you and your guests about foreign policy than from any other source. Your interviews are incredibly insightful and essential. This is a big loss for I trust that you will reemerge elsewhere. You're knowledge and talent at interviewing, coupled with your antiwar convictions, is very rare these days. I wish you the best.

  73. Negative you are, now, hey?





  74. Thanks so much for your efforts Scott Horton. I have really appreciated you fronting for the scott horton interviews.

    You have been on the website for so long, that I am going to really miss you. Best wishes for your antiwar activities. You are one genuine guy.


    david monaghan. Perth. Western Australia.

  75. I completely agree with everything you say. I would absolutely have given money simply to keep this show alive.

  76. You know, websites do have statistical trackers to see how much a page is visited or what is downloaded. Comments are only one superficial way to measure audience. Simply by visiting the pages and listening, the website can see that he had substantial following.

  77. Assange, get on it. Why was Horton let go?

  78. It's a bloody shame that Antiwar has dropped Scott Horton. A very stupid decision IMHO.

  79. really shocked;
    Scott Horton was the reason i visited;
    i agree with the "crown jewels" comment
    He is easily the most knowledgeable interviewer on air and the lively intelligence was infectious
    -JUST what the anti.war movement needs;
    a strange decision
    but i will seek Scott out where ever he is next;

  80. Just clicked on to the site and then remembered – Oh No! Scott's gone.
    Got to look for another show that might be at least half as good.

    Can't understand this decision.

  81. I think I'm going to be sick. …

    Scott, You EDUCATED me. With your talent, this is just a temporary setback, I am sure.
    I thought Antiwar made it's fundraising target last time. Or did I miss something?

  82. Scott was the only reason I went to Come on 100k a quarter is not enough to keep Scott. Cut some of the other crap, like the managers and bureaucrats. Bad move. I will be supporting Scott where ever he goes. Goodbye Antiwar.dumb

  83. I agree completely that Scott's show was the crown jewel of I doubt that I would have consistently donated for several years had it not been for Scott's show.

    Maybe the whole idea behind this is to sort of spin the crown jewel off from the non-profit operation–hoping that once its showcased in the for-profit marketplace Scott's talent and show quality would attract much more money in sponsorships than it currently does in non-profit donations?

    What if Scott had high quality video production like RT or Alex Jones and did video-casts with people like Eric Margolis skyped in from the top of the world?

    So I was thinking. There's talk that the Ron Paul Fest is going to have some Jumbo-Trons on hand at their Tampa Fairgrounds site so that they can simulcast Ron Paul's rally speech on the last evening from the USF football stadium. Maybe it would be a good marketing ploy to have Scott present the Ron Paul Fest with a proto-type of what he has to offer by putting some of his Asian correspondents up on the Jumbo Trons while itemizing all of the crimes of Romney and his foreign policy advisors across town?

  84. I agree completely with your assessment, Daniel. I loved and learned a lot from Scott and his interviews. I'm bewildered — why?

  85. should be more forthcoming in explaining this decision, which has surprised and disappointed so many among their audience. Perhaps it's really necessary, but it's awfully hard to see why, with such a paltry explanation from Mr. Raimondo ("can't afford it anymore.") Wasn't the cost of the radio show considered when a target amount was set for fundraisers, and didn't Antiwar achieve their most recent fundrasing goal? The site overall is very worthwhile, indispensible even; but the radio show was the main attraction for me, and obviously for a lot of others. As several others have commened here, I doubt that the site can bring as much attention without it.

    In any case, thanks for the fine work, Scott, and best of luck with the new site and whatever else develops.

  86. What is thinking by letting Scott go. Without Scott there is no antiwar. Please reconsider. Scott I will follow you anywhere, man. You are unbelievably smart and awesome. love you man.

  87. everyone, please let’s donate money to both antiwar and Scott. Thanks.

  88. Scott – With you gone, I will have no reason to visit You are a compelling voice for truth and I will be on the lookout for you wherever you land.

  89. thanks scott 4 the gr8 show, I’ll stiil be listening at lrn and donate if I can.

  90. All best to you and THANK YOU for your contributions and service to humanity. Do Not stop. And I have bookmarked your new site "Stress".

    It is tough surviving on internet. I ran a blog for 2 years, then ended up selling it on Flippa (that was the only way I ever made any money off it).

    It's sad, but you'll work this out. Thanks.

  91. Perhaps somebody got to them.. Scott was gathering too great a following. He is most of the reason I went to on a daily basis.

  92. And the money "i made" from the sale, covered all the expense I put into the site, but never the TIME!!.

  93. I agree that this seems to be a mistake on the part of It seems a little unfair that we didn't see this coming. If I can find Scott somewhere else, it's a given that I'll visit less. What a shame.

  94. Scott's been my daily informant and I have probably heard every interview he's done in the past five years. He's become my primary source of news. Scott, you're too important to America to stop. I'll do what I can to help but keep going. It may sound quaint, but I'm serious: your country needs you.

  95. You will be missed here is France.

  96. same here

  97. Can independent Scott Horton Show continue to be imbedded on this page?

    His interviews frequently compelled me to re-read articles on the homepage, adding to the depth of knowledge & appreciation of the written articles.

    Thanks for your consideration in advance.

  98. I am literally speechless.
    The methods of Anti-war are pure capitalist cost-cutting procedures that may cost a lot more than they think.

  99. The US is replacing MAD with Disarming First-Strike Capability, Archives May 7, 2012 Ray McGovern.
    Also: Der Spiegel 49/2011 on the Russian NATO-Ambassador´s visit to Washington.

  100. totally.

  101. Scott, I was really surprised at the announcement of your leaving AWC. Your show was a key driving reason why I gave to AWC. I figured that, if I was going to listen to the podcasts, I should be fair ang give something in return. A quid pro quo of sorts. I so much enjoyed the podcasts, especially the Eric Margolis interviews. I can't see a replacement having the same rapport as you did with Eric and all your other guests. I anticipate that I'll still give to AWC, but, some of the $ is going to go to Scott's new site, wherever that may be. Sorry AWC, still luv ya but, Scott is worth something too.

  102. This is just awful. Shocking. Scott, I've relied on your podcasts for years. You're like an old and dear friend, one who always will tell the truth, with humor and panache. I've gotten my husband hooked as well., why didn't you tell give us a hint in advance? Love your site, but Scott and his interviews were the main draw for me. He is irreplaceable. Darn.

  103. All of us who have been complaining here: be aware that Scott is still going. There have been new interviews in the last few days, and you can find the archives here:

    It's a bare-bones archive but it appears to have all the shows and that's what matters.

  104. Gee whiz, with the departure of Scotty boy – who's going to assume the duties as 'gatekeeper' on AntiWar radio, to make sure that coat of teflon is regularly applied to the posteriors of the criminal, false flag terrorist sponsoring, 9-11 complicit never-to-be-mentioned certain Middle Eastern nation?

  105. Well, I must say that I'm disturbed to see that my comments to about firing Scott Horton have been taken down in two places. My comments were not rude, crude, or offensive–just strongly disapproving of their decision to cut Horton. At least ten other comments have also been axed as well. For a site claiming freedom of speech and information, holding up the banner of speaking the truth and open debate, this is truly unacceptable. Can't stand a little disapproval? Shame on you! Talk about Big Brother. Perhaps my comments hit too close to home. This behavior does not speak well of

  106. And now my former comment has reappeared, as have the others that were strangely missing. So what is going on, Having trouble with the website?

  107. This is the most depressing news I've heard in months. I would definitely pay a subscription if the show was to come back.

  108. Just adding myself to the list of disappointed Scott Horton followers. Best interviews and commentary I’ve found anywhere. Thanks so much Scott, really.

  109. Scott, as one door closes another opens. Check out a site / system on the rise – and Alex Jones are looking for reporters of your caliber.

    Really… check in with them and see where you can go from here.

    Peace, Love and Freedom for all !!!

  110. There are already enough tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists as it is.

  111. lol i loved antiwar so much i will even miss you John. You must have almost been up to one million negative votes. There is not a broadcast on this site that you havent commented on and been voted down on. I picture you standing on street corners with picket signs. But i am always curiously intrigued as to what your point is. Lets just hope that we can meet again on Scotts new site. Farewell comrade.

  112. How is one of the best interviewers of real substance being take off the air.

    What gives???

    This is disappointing. And doesnt make sense

  113. Boycott AW x 7 days. Dont visit this site. What is next raimondo ditz will become disposable. Time to teach. Dont cry for me angela keaton….

  114. I can't understand why would drop the best bit of the whole site!?

    Scott's show, as another comment put it, is the Jewel in the Crown of

    It's a dumb move to drop Scott's show!

  115. To be honest, I am very disappointed with

    It was a huge mistake to cut Scott's show.

    I think a lot of funding will shift over to what ever Scott pulls together on his own. He was the main reason many logged on to the site!

    The lame excuse for dropping him being one of 'not enough funds!', is A CROCK, as the site will likely lose more funding as people react to this perceived injustice!

  116. I'm very pleased that Scott is still going strong at

  117. Are we all doomed?

    Is Kissinger right who claims "Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world"?.

    What happened to It was one of my best sites.for peac-lovers….not anymore.

  118. A truly sad event not just for people of the US but also the rest of us around the world, who learned so much from your articulate, incisive and thought provoking interviews. It's a poor day when such a voice is silenced and the likes of Limbaugh, Reilly and Beck continue to spew their ill-informed, spurious vitriol around the airwaves. Surely some radio station somewhere can afford to stump up to keep you going because, for me (and many others no doubt) you are invaluable. Here's to hearing you somewhere soon and thanks for everything…

  119. Can someone please check on Scott??? IMPORTANT — Where is Scott and why do many links pertaining to his current activity fail including his whole domain? Attempts to post to his YT channel from multiple PCs and accounts fail. Can someone please GET A VISUAL ON SCOTT?

  120. Decent interview. Sorry to see him go. I hope the man is able to collect as many donations as he can.

  121. What's the reason, why is he had left
    He was a good host.

  122. news. Scott you can't stop. I will throw a good monthly donation your way. I don't have tons of money, but you are worth more than a few dollars a month to m

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  130. The Scott Horton Show is still a powerful show. Love it

  131. Scott I love you man! I listen to every show you do and I'm so grateful for everything that I have learned by tuning in. I had no idea that was in some dire straits financially, else I would have stepped up. Get things settled with the website move and you can count on me for financial support in the future. The stuff you and your guests talk about and the articles that are posted here are too important not to continue. Stay free and stay smart, and above all else please stay in the business of keeping me from being a sheep. Thanks a million!

  132. You will be missed here is France.

  133. My favorite is regrettable when he went away.

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