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June 16, 2007
Saturday: 2 GIs, 1 Briton, 26 Iraqis Killed; 40 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 10:52 p.m. EDT, June 16, 2007

Due to continuing curfews, Baghdad newspapers have ceased operations for the third day in a row. However, reports on Iraqi casualties still managed to get out. At least 26 Iraqis were killed and 40 wounded in today’s meager reports. Also, one British and two American servicemembers were killed in separate incidents.

The U.S. military reported that an Ohio National Guard soldier was killed when his F-16 crashed after take-off Balad Air Base yesterday. Meanwhile, an MND-B soldier was killed and three more were wounded during a roadside bombing in Baghdad. Two more American soldiers were wounded during a raid that produced the IDs belonging to two GIs missing since May. Also, a British soldier was killed in a vehicle accident in Basra.

In Baghdad, U.S. helicopters dropped bombs on the al-Hussiyaniyah neighborhood; four people were killed and 18 were wounded. Three people were killed in sectarian violence.

The curfew in Samarra was lifted. Four suspects, including one Saudi, were killed during a raid. One Iraqi policeman was killed and two more were wounded during ensuing clashes.

U.S. helicopters killed six suspects who were seen planting bombs in Muqdadiya. A gunman was killed in a security operation. In a separate incident, 14 hostages were freed.

Four border patrol troops were injured during a roadside bombing in Khanaqin.

In Kirkuk, three security personnel were wounded during a roadside blast. A second bomb wounded no one.

Five civilians were wounded in Kut when U.S. forces dropped bombs.

Four suspects were killed and 20 detained during operations in various cities.

Despite the curfew in Basra, another mosque was blown-up by militants. Demonstrations against British troops left no casualties.

Clashes which took place on Friday in Baquba left Muhammad Al-Daini dead. He was a "cheif judge" within the Islamic State in Iraq.

Seven Iraqi policemen and soldiers were wounded during separate incidents in Diyala province.

In Fallujah, a roadside bomb blasted an Iraqi army vehicle, damaging it. Two bullet-riddled bodies were found. A policeman killed a child and injured another.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

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