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July 3, 2007
Tuesday: 2 GIs, 104 Iraqis Killed; 115 Iraqis Wounded; U.S. Copter Shot Down

Updated at 1:10 a.m. EDT, July 4, 2007

At least 104 Iraqis were killed and 115 more were wounded during the latest violence. These figures include 23 who were killed in clashes with U.S. forces in Ramadi. Also, two Marines were killed in a non-combat accident, and two soldiers were rescued from a downed helicopter.

Two Marines were killed in a non-combat-related accident in Anbar province Sunday. Also, two Task Force Marne soldiers were rescued from a helicopter that was brought down by enemy fire yesterday; they suffered minor injuries.

In Baghdad, gunmen killed an Interior Ministry intelligence officer and an army lieutenant. A car bomb at a Shabb marketplace left 18 dead and 40 wounded. In the Amil district, mortars killed four people and wounded four more. Two people were killed and three more wounded during random gunfire, also in Amil. Three sewer workers were killed and an engineer was wounded in Adhamiya. Gunmen killed two gardeners in Doura. Shelling wounded three people in Bayaa. A civilian was wounded during a roadside bomb attack in Jamiya. Also, 19 dumped bodies were found scattered in several locations.

In Ramadi, U.S. forces killed 23 people with suspected links to al-Qaeda.Also, three suspects were killed and 29 arrested in several other locations.

A car bomb targeting a police convoy killed two civilians and wounded 19, including seven policemen in Kirkuk. A woman was injured when Iraqi soldiers opened fire in central Kirkuk.

At least two civilians were killed in the crossfire during clashes between gunmen and police commandos in Samarra.

Police in Mosul killed one gunman and arrested 19 others. Gunmen killed two people in separate incidents. A policeman was killed and two others were wounded while collecting a dumped body. Mortars injured six small children. A mortar attack against the Kurdistan Democratic Party headquarters injured three people. A roadside bomb killed a policeman and wounded two others. Also, two Yazidi vendors were kidnapped.

Four fuel tankers were hijacked near Hilla.

A gunman threw a grenade into a Hawija police vehicle, seriously injuring three policemen.

Near Fallujah, a car bomb targeting a local tribal leader killed four civilians and wounded ten, but the sheikh was not harmed. The victims were members of his household or bodyguards. A U.S. base came under attack, but no casualties were reported.

Gunmen killed two people and wounded four when they opened fire on pedestrians in Mada'en.

In Basra, gunmen in police uniforms killed a civilian, and kidnapped an artist in a separate incident. British bases came under attack, but no casualties were reported.

Shelling in Mahmudiyah left two civilians wounded.

In Haswa, an Iraqi parliamentarian escaped an assassination attempt but one of his bodyguards was wounded.

A former Iraqi colonel and a border guard were killed in front of their homes in Jalawla.

Iraqi security force killed three suspects in Muqdadiyah.

In Balad Ruz, four people were killed and five wounded during an attack by men wearing military uniforms. Also, an unspecified numbers of people from the same family were killed in a separate incident.

An Iraqi soldier was killed and four others were wounded in Kanaan during an attack on an area for displaced residents.

Ten students were kidnapped in Khalis. One of them was injured during a successful escape attempt.

In Zubair, gunmen killed a civilian and kidnapped a popular folk singer in separate events.

U.S. bases in Saqlawiya and Kut came under attack, but no casualties were reported.

Also, a detainee at Camp Bucca died of natural causes in the intensive care unit. The number of American contractors who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan has topped 1000, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. And, Human Rights Watch has accused Kurdish security forces of violating the rights of up to 1200 detainees.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

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