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August 15, 2007
Wednesday: 87 Iraqis Killed, 44 Wounded

Updated at 11:45 p.m. EDT, Aug. 15, 2007

A day after a coordinated bomb attack in the Sinjar region, the casualty count continues to mount. The death now stands at more than 500 dead and 375 wounded, making it the deadliest attack of the war. In the latest attacks, at least 87 Iraqis were killed or found dead, and 44 more were wounded. No foreign military deaths were reported.

Medical authorities announced that a mass grave found in Khanaquin contained 33 bodies dressed in traditional Kurdish clothing. They believe the grave may date from a 1991 Kurdish uprising.

A pair of car bombs in a Kirkuk marketplace killed five people and wounded 30 others near the Zamzam bakery. Also, a roadside bomb on the highway to Daquq killed one person and wounded two others.

In Baghdad, 15 bodies were dumped in several locations throughout the city. Gunmen killed three of the dreaded police commandos and wounded two more in the Doura district. A sniper killed two people on central Baghdad’s al-Kifah Street. One person was killed and another wounded during gunfire targeting an American convoy in Bab al-Sharji. In Zaafaraniyah, two people were killed and two were wounded in an IED attack.

No casualties were reported when mortars fell in Sadr City.

Gunmen killed one person and wounded three in Madaen.

Clashes between gunmen and Iraqi security forces in Buhriz left seven gunmen dead. At least one resident was killed and 13 more wounded in the crossfire.

A suicide bomber killed five people and wounded 12 at a judge’s home in Hilla.

In Mosul, one policeman was killed and 10 others were wounded when gunmen attacked a police patrol. No casualties were reported in mortar attacks on police stations.

A member of the joint Iraqi-U.S. coordination staff was killed when a gunman on a motorbike opened fire in Najaf. Meanwhile, hundreds of Sadrists staged a peaceful demonstration.

U.S. forces reported killing 11 suspects and detaining four others in various locations. Three militants were killed and eight more detained in locations near Baquba.

In Fallujah, 35 detainees were cleared of all charges and released. Also, a sniper killed a policemen in a southern neighborhood.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

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