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October 13, 2007
Saturday: 4 GIs, 58 Iraqis Killed; 22 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 11:55 p.m. EDT, Oct. 13, 2007

Thanks to the Eid al-Fitr holiday, news was scant for a second day in a row. Many newspapers in Iraq have temporarily ceased publication during the holiday. Overall, at least 58 Iraqis were killed, mostly gunmen, and 22 more were wounded in the latest round of violence. Also, four American soldiers were killed in separate events.

An American soldier died yesterday in Kirkuk during an IED explosion. Two 15th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers were killed and five others were wounded during shelling just outside Baghdad on Wednesday; this incident is unrelated to the Camp Victory rocket attack. The DOD also reported the death of a soldier in Baghdad on Thursday; he was killed during an IED attack.

In Baghdad, three dumped bodies were found. Shelling in the Doura neighborhood left one dead and eight wounded, including children.

A roadside bomb in Kirkuk killed one policeman and wounded three others during an assassination attempt on the deputy police chief’s life; he was unharmed in the incident. A former police commando, now civilian, was injured during an armed attack. Also, the final figures in yesterday's attempt on the the police chief's life reached eight dead and 62 wounded; that is ten more injury victims than previously reported.

Four bodies belonging to suspected al-Qaeda members were found near Duluiya.

A large cache of explosives was discovered in Tal Afar.

A medical doctor was abducted in Basra.

U.S. forces killed one suspect and detained three others in Baghdad. Iraqi army troops backed by the al-Fadel Awakening council reported killing 48 suspects over the last four days in the al-Fadel neighborhood in Baghdad.

In Diyala province, 65 families were forced to leave their homes after receiving death threats.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) denied their intention to cross over into Turkey. They also claimed to not launch attacks on Turkey from inside Iraq as they have members already based in Turkey. Meanwhile, the presence of Turkish troops on the Iraqi border has increased.

Villagers in Kani Zawa also claimed that Turkish troops terrorized them during an overnight small arms attack, while those in Nezdoor said they received shelling from Turkish forces. No casualties were reported in either incident.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

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