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February 5, 2008
Tuesday: 3 GIs, 90 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded; Mass Grave Found

Updated at 12:45 a.m. EST, Feb. 6, 2008

A mass grave containing dozens of bodies was discovered west of Samarra. Elsewhere, a small but deadly U.S. raid on a civilian residence was reported for the second day in a row. Overall, 90 Iraqis were reported killed or found dead, and seven were wounded across Iraq. Three American servicemembers were reported killed in two separate incidents.

Two Navy SEALS were killed yesterday during a small arms attack in an unspecified location. Another soldier died due from injuries received the day before, when an IED blasted his patrol in Muqdadiyah.

A mass grave containing 55 bodies was discovered near Samarra in the al-Jazira area. Two hostages, who were freed, blamed the deaths on the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq.

South of Tikrit in Adwar, U.S. troops entered a one room home and opened fire on the occupants. A couple and their 19-year old son were killed immediately. One young daughter died later and another daughter was wounded. Yesterday, military authorities apologized for another U.S. raid that left nine innocent people dead and three more wounded, including children, on Saturday.

In Amara, an Iraqi soldier was killed at his home in the al-Askari neighborhood. In al-Amarat al-Jadida, an Iraqi army major was gunned down. A lieutenant was killed as he was driving through al-Aurouba.

A suicide bomber killing five people and wounding four other at an Awakening Council checkpoint in Fallujah.

An al-Qaeda suspect was killed in Hamam al-Aleel after fleeing Mosul.

In Baghdad, four dumped bodies were recovered. Two civilians were injured during a roadside bombing targeting a U.S. patrol traveling on Palestine Street. U.S. forces arrested eight suspects. A bomb blast in Mustansiriyah left no casualties. Two undetonated bombs were discovered as well. Also, three policemen who had been kidnapped in Ur were released.

Eleven suspects were detained in two separate operations in Kirkuk.

In Khalis, three gunmen were killed by U.S. troops while another three were killed when one of them blew up a suicide vest.

A suicide bomber killed an Awakening Council member and a civilian in Taji. At least six more Awakening Council members died in this or possibly a separate incident.

A bomb targeting the Diyala police chief left no casualties.

Gunmen in Samarra killed a cleric who was well known for being against al-Qaeda.

A woman was shot to death while on a minibus in Hilla.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

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