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October 21, 2006
Saturday: 82 Iraqis Killed, 102 Wounded; Three Marines Killed

Updated at 11:13 a.m. EDT, Oct. 22, 2006

Three Marines were killed during operations in Anbar Province today; the Military reported they died "from enemy action." A soldier from El Salvador was killed and four others injured when they were blasted by a roadside bomb. Also, 82 Iraqis have been killed and 102 have suffered injuries. Hostilities between Iraqi police and the Al-Mahdi Army erupted in Suwayra but ended in Amarah. Bomb blasts in the capital resumed after a quiet Friday.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives on an Iraqi bus packed with holiday shoppers; five passengers were killed and 15 were injured. The blasts from two booby-trapped vehicles killed three civilians and wounded nine others near a mosque in a western neighborhood. Over in a northern section of the capital, two civilians were killed and five were injured when a car loaded with explosives blew up. A car bomb targeting a police patrol killed one civilian and wounded three others. On Cairo Street, a car bomb wounded four people. Another car bomb in the Amil district of the capital wounded two others. The bodies of four kidnapped electrical workers were delivered to a morgue.

In Suwayra, clashes between the Al-Mahdi Army (a.k.a. Al-Sadr Militia) and Iraqi forces killed nine people and wounded an Iraqi police captain. Also, an American helicopter dropped four missiles on the militia’s office, killing six people. A quarrel between a policeman and a militiaman is said to have sparked the situation.

A roadside bomb planted in Mosul’s marketplace exploded and injured two police officers and a woman.

U.S. forces killed a suspected Al Qaeda member during a raid in Ramadi.

Gunmen shot dead a policeman in Kirkuk.

In Hawija, gunmen killed two Iraqi soldiers.

A market in Mahmuhdiya suffered a double attack. First, booby-trapped bicycles were detonated, then a dozen mortar rounds fell on the marketplace. At least 18 were killed and another 52 were wounded.

At least two people were killed and four were wounded during gunfights between rival Shi'ite militias in Hamza.

Madaen was the scene of more clashes between militia and police; however, no casualties were reported. Clashes between Sunni and Shi'ite tribes left nine dead and three wounded.

Five bodies were found in unspecified locations or from the Tigris River.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

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