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Updated April 9, 2020 - 3:12 PM EDT
Did Trump Give Israel 1 Million Face Masks?
  Customs to Seize Exports of Masks and Gloves Amid Pandemic
  US Marines Not Allowed to Wear N95 or Surgical Masks
  Hospitals: Feds Seizing Masks, Other Supplies Without a Word
OPCW Blames Syria Govt for 3 Chemical Attacks
  Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Pushed Assad to Break Idlib Ceasefire
Saudi Coalition Announces Yemen Ceasefire
Washington's Patience With Iraq Is Wearing Thin
US to Block Iran's Request for IMF Loan to Fight Covid
Afghan Govt Reports 100 Taliban Have Been Released
US Continues to Push for Regime Change in Venezuela
item What Virus? Military Asks $20 Billion To 'Deter Chinese Aggression'  by Barbara Boland
item 'Zero Accountability': The US Failure To Report Civilian Deaths in Africa  by Kaamil Ahmed
item National Security State Left US Defenseless Against Coronavirus  by Gareth Porter
item The Fourth Saudi State Remains a Distant Vision  by Imad Harb

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Bernie Sanders Ending Presidential Run
Feds Eye Loosening Rules to Allow Some to Return to Work
Senate Dem Presses White House on Coronavirus Surveillance System Efforts
US Intel Report Warned of Coronavirus Crisis as Early as November
The War at Home
Coronavirus Was Spreading in NYC in February, Came Via Europe
Kansas Legislature Strikes Down Governor's Directive Limiting Size of Religious Gatherings
Sen. Loeffler and CEO Husband Will Sell All Individual Stock Shares After Coronavirus Trade Furor
GM to Produce 30,000 Ventilators Under $500m Defense Production Act Contract
WHO Chief Warns Against 'Politicizing' Coronavirus Unless 'You Want to Have More Body Bags'
Google Bans Use of Zoom on Employee Computers Due to Security Concerns
US Military
More Than Half the Navy's Coronavirus Cases Are on the Carrier Theodore Roosevelt
Coronavirus Cleanup Crews on Infected Navy Ship Using T-Shirts for Masks
Nimitz Becomes 4th Aircraft Carrier With Covid-19 Case
The Pentagon's Supply Chain Faces an Economy Under Siege
Pentagon Delays Budget Deadline to Help Staff Work From Home
10,000 More Guardsmen to Be Added to Coronavirus Fight
US Military Can Do More to Help With Coronavirus, House Armed Services Chief Says
'You Are Justified in Being Angry With Me' – Secretary of the Navy's Final Memo to the Fleet
15 Taliban Killed in Clashes With Residents in Samangan, Afghanistan
Only 300 Ventilators in Afghanistan to Treat Covid-19
The All-Female Robotics Team in Afghanistan Who Made a Cheap Ventilator Out of Toyota Parts
Rights Group Urges Afghanistan to Prosecute Head of ISIS-Linked Group for War Crimes
Taiwan Protests WHO Leader's Accusations of Racist Campaign
Wuhan Sees Mass Exodus After 11 Weeks of Lockdown
Chinese Supercomputer Diagnoses Last Year's Vaping Illness as Probable Coronavirus
Turkmenistan Holds Mass Exercises, Defies Coronavirus Concerns
Philippines Expresses 'Deep Concern' After China-Vietnam Incident in South China Sea
Brazil Turns to Local Industry to Build Ventilators as China Orders Fall Through
Cubans Cast Aside Coronavirus Fears to Search for Scarcer Food
UN Delivers 90 Tons of Covid-19 Aid to Venezuela
Canada Won't Say if Considering Tariffs Against Russia, Saudi Arabia Amid Oil War
Coronavirus in Africa: Emergency Laws vs. Individual Rights
Egypt Extends Lockdown, Flights Suspension by 15 Days
Gaza Runs Out of Coronavirus Tests, Palestinian Health Officials Say
Israel Considers Sending Ventilators to Gaza in Exchange for Release of Soldiers Held by Hamas
Minister Silent on Accusations That Mossad Stole Covid-19 Kits
Palestinian Farmers Near Hebron Suffocate After Israeli Forces, Settlers Attack
Netanyahu, Gantz Agree to Press Ahead With Unity Talks After Holiday
Armed Israeli Settlers Attack Man, Abduct His Two Sons Near Ramallah
Israeli Naval Forces Wound Palestinian Fisherman in Northern Gaza
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed; Attacks Against Security Personnel Ongoing
Iraqi Political Blocs Push to Replace PM-Designate
Iraqi Political Parties Rally Around Spy Chief as Preferred PM
Still Recovering From ISIS Rule, Mosul's Women Lead the Fight Against Coronavirus
Remote Pilgrimage: Iraqis Mark Imam Al-Mahdi's Birth Amid Covid19
Saudi Arabia
House Republicans Threaten Pushback on Saudi Arabia Amid Oil Market Slump
Saudi Arabia Executed Them After Questionable Trials. Now It Won't Give Up the Bodies for Proper Burial.
Saudi Arabia to Give $525 Million for Yemen Humanitarian, Coronavirus Response: Minister
Turkey Says Hydroxychloroquine Dramatically Reduces Pneumonia Cases
Roadside Bombing Kills 5 Civilians in Turkey
Middle East
Millions at Risk of Going Hungry in Lebanon Amid Coronavirus Lockdown: HRW
Persian Gulf States Urged to Unblock Internet Calls Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Putin Urges Russians to Stick to Self-Isolation, Offers More Aid
Russia Aims to Prosecute Destruction of War Monuments Abroad
No Sign Europe's Covid-19 Epidemic Is at Peak, EU Disease Monitoring Agency Says
Police Boost Virus Controls as Italians Make Bid for Freedom
Disaster Looms as Coronavirus Reaches Greek Refugee Camps
Kosovo Says It's Ready to Resume Dialogue With Serbia
French Aircraft Carrier Charles De Gaulle to Return to Toulon Early Over Covid-19 Fears
UN Searching for New Libya Envoy After US Blockage
First Covid-19 Case Reported in Eastern Libya
In Libya, Water Cuts Add to Misery of Conflict and Coronavirus
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