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Updated April 29, 2016 - 12:50 AM EDT
General: US Troops in Iraq in Combat Operations
  Fish Farms and Car Dealerships: ISIS Diversifies in Iraq
60 Killed in 24 Hours as Aleppo Violence Worsens
  70 Reported Killed in Fighting Over North Syria Villages
  US Rejects Russia Call To Name al-Qaeda Allies 'Terrorist'
  Dem Senator Compares Obama's Moves in Syria to Putin's in Ukraine
  UN Envoy: Attack on Aleppo Hospital 'Deliberate'
GOP Hawks' Election-Year Spending Spree
  House Panel OKs Measure to Require Women to Register for Draft
US: North Korea Fails Two Missile Tests
16 Face 'Administrative Discipline' for Kunduz Hospital Attack
Libya 'Unity Govt' Warns Against Attacking ISIS City of Sirte
It’s Not About Drones, It’s About Lazy War  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Coming World of 'Peak Oil Demand,' Not 'Peak Oil'  by Michael Klare
Dump Our Double-Dealing, Thuggish 'Allies'  by Ted Galen Carpenter
The Trump Test  by Justin Raimondo
Trump's Foreign Policy Speech  by Daniel Larison
Top Advisor Says Sanders Missed Opportunity on Foreign Policy  by Molly O’Toole

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All Belgians Issued Iodine to Protect Against Radiation
London Security Guard Jailed for Five Years Over Tweets Glorifying ISIS
Carter Defends US Strategy for Defeating ISIS
Finnish Parliament, Pressured by Weak Economy, Debates Euro Exit
Biden Visits Baghdad; 107 Killed in Iraq
Biden to Meet Kurdish Officials in Unannounced Visit to Irbil
White House Says Biden's Visit Is a Good Indication of US Support for Iraq
Uneasy Alliance Between Kurds and Shiites in Iraq Under Further Strain
Marines Will Leave Artillery Crews in Iraq Pending Army Backfill
With Iraq Mired in Turmoil, Some Call for Partitioning the Country
Kurdish Fighters Parade Corpses of Dozens of Dead ISIS Jihadis Killed in Syria
Syrian Government Condemns Arrival of US Troops
Syrian Army Reportedly Seizes Israeli-Made Weapons on Their Way to ISIS
Turkish Military Kills 11 ISIS Militants in Northern Syria: Sources
150 US Soldiers Enter Syrian Kurdish Region
Russia and Syrian Government Deny Launching Attack on Aleppo Hospital
Seeing Shared Threats, Turkey Sets Up Military Base in Qatar
Turkish Reporters Get Two Years in Prison for Blasphemy
Turkey Columnists Get Two Years in Jail Over Charlie Hebdo Cartoon
US Arrest Awakens Ghosts of Turkey's Iran-Gold Scandal
UN Envoy 'Positive' as Yemen Peace Talks Enter Second Week
Car Bomb Outside Security Chief's Home in Yemen's Aden
Pro-Govt Yemen Forces Pressing on After Mukallah Capture
Aid to 1,000 Gaza Families Suspended After Israel Cement Ban: UN
UN to Meet on 'Protection of Palestinian Civilians'
Hamas: 'There Will Be an Explosion' Unless Israel Lifts Gaza Blockade
Janna Jihad: Meet Palestine's 10-Year-Old Journalist
Israel Rejects French Peace Plan
Jews Ascending Temple Mount Are Instigating War, Ultra-Orthodox MP Says
Middle East

Jordan Changes Constitution to Give King More Power

Fragile Economy Forces Iran's Top Leaders to Form Alliance
Bahrain Sentences 8 to Life in Prison on Terrorism Charges
US Beefs Up Surveillance Over ISIS in Libya
Amnesty Urges Probe Into Chad Troops Missing After Vote
Hundreds Protest Against Student's Killing in Khartoum
Nigerian Shi'ite Group Demands Exhumation After Deadly Clashes
UN Council Removes 12-Year-Old Arms Embargo on Ivory Coast
Mexico Charges 4 Detectives With Holding Foreigners
Mexican General Gets 52 Years for Torturing, Killing Man
Missing Students' Parents Demand Mexican Prosecutor Be Fired
The War at Home
Susan Sarandon: I'm More Afraid of Hillary's War Record Than Trump's Wall
9/11 Commission Leaders Circle Wagons Around Their Legacy
After Combat Stress, Violence Can Show Up at Home
Only One of Six Air Force F-35s Could Actually Take Off During Testing
Senator Demands to Know: Is F-35 Supposed to Replace the A-10
Military Files New Charges Against Ex-Naval Academy Teacher in Sexual Misconduct Case
Three Linked to San Bernardino Shooter Charged With Marriage Fraud
Man Wearing Animal Suit Shot by Police After Threatening to Blow Up Baltimore TV Station
Refugee Crisis
Brawls in Turkish Parliament Delay Legislation on EU Migrant Deal
Obama Expects US to Admit 10,000 Syrian Refugees This Year
Italy Says Austria 'Wasting Money' in Migrant Border Row
Germany Calls for Welfare Curbs for EU Immigrants
UN Chief Urges European Leaders to Support Refugees
Australian PM: Refugees in PNG 'Will Not Come to Australia'
Belgian Police Knew Since 2014 That Paris Attackers Planned 'Irreversible Act'
Italy Uncovers Plot to Attack Israeli Embassy, Vatican
Azerbaijan Says Civilian Killed, Six Wounded by Separatist Gunfire
Georgia Detains Five Suspected of Selling Uranium
Germany: Teens Who Bombed Sikh Temple Were ISIS Sympathizers
The Quiet French Minister Who Sold Billions in Subs and Jets
French Lawmakers Adopt Non-Binding Proposal to Lift Russia Sanctions
Russia Lets Sister of Jailed Pilot Savchenko Return to Ukraine: Poroshenko
China & Her Neighbors
China, India, Russia Come Together for Regional Peace
China Won't Allow Chaos or War on Korean Peninsula: Xi
US Urges ASEAN Unity on South China Sea Ruling; Warns China on Reputation
Clampdown in China Restricts 7,000 Foreign Organizations
China Completes Seventh Test of Hypersonic Glider With Top Speed Reaching Over 12,000 Km/h
Philippines Wants Coordinated Patrols to Protect Ships From Rebels
India Installs 'Laser Walls' at Border With Pakistan
What Became of 1,400 People Who Disappeared in Nepal War?
Myanmar Protesters Denounce Term 'Rohingya' Outside US Embassy
Panama: 2 Colombian Drug Suspects Killed in Border Firefight
Brotherly Love: Colombia Rebels Swap Politician for Brother
US Official Visits Haiti to Assess Progress Toward Elections
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